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Local Public Eatery – Garry Street

Local Public Eatery is a new restaurant recently opened in the space previously occupied by The Pint. Despite the name, Local Public Eatery is not a local restaurant. Like The Pint it’s part of a small Canada-wide chain.

The Local featured one of the dishes I tried for Fried Chicken Fest

Local Public doughnuts
Mini doughnuts with nutella dip.

Local Public Debut

Walking into the restaurant for the first time, I couldn’t tell much difference between it and The Pint. The first thing you see is the bar with the taps facing you. To the left there are a few tables, and several more to the right. I found out on my second visit that there is another bar, along with many more tables in the upstairs. My first visit was at lunchtime. The place was quite crowded, and so I ended up sitting at the bar.

I ordered a Thai Noodle salad. The salad comes in at $18.00. In general the prices at Local are similar to what you would fine at Brown’s Social House, Moxie’s etc. I really enjoyed this salad. The flavours were bright and nicely acidic. The chicken was tender,and it made for a satisfying lunch.

Thai Noodle salad
The Local Public serves a really fine Thai Noodle Salad.

The Local’s tag is: You are only a stranger once. On my first visit I found that concept overwhelming. The greeting and service I received could best be described as very aggressively, friendly. My server wanted to know my name, everybody was calling me luv, and hon, all the things that make me not want to visit a restaurant again.

Table Service Meal

I decided that perhaps the overly aggressive service on my first visit was the result of it being so close to the opening, and having more staff on than they knew what to do with them. So, I waited a few weeks before I paid a return visit.

Local Public Ramen
The Local Fried Chicken Ramen. The fried chicken is actually served on the side..

This time I asked to be seated at a table. The main floor was fairly full, so I was taken to a table upstairs. This time around the service indeed toned down. My service was friendly and efficient, but much less in my face than on my first visit. 

For my meal I ordered the Fried Chicken Ramen. I wasn’t sure how this would work out, and was a little surprised when I received it to get a bowl of ramen and a plate of fried chicken. Nonetheless, both were tasty. I enjoyed some of the ramen by itself. Then I added the fried chicken to the broth and enjoyed it that way.

Fried chicken
The fried chicken for the ramen came on a side plate.

This time around I also ordered dessert. That was the doughnuts pictured at the top. This was essentially the same dessert doughnuts I had at Underdogs, but I think the Underdogs doughnuts are better. 

New Year′s Eve – Local Public Eatery

Yesterday I was out and about, and trying to find a place to have a late lunch, early supper. This time the place was almost empty. It was too early for most people getting ready to have a pre-party supper, and well past the lunch hour.

beef tacos
A happy hour portion of tacos

This time I stayed downstairs and sat at one of the tables. There was a quiet vibe in the place, and that was reflected in my server. She did a great job of looking after my order, they all have, but was content to leave me alone to enjoy my meal.

The TVs were showing hockey. So I went back and forth between watching a replay of Canada′s Spengler cup win and the Ducks-Knights game. These were all on silent, while the music was Beatles, Stones, etc. It appears they subscribe to the OK Boomer music channel. 

Another difference on this occasion is that I was at Local Public during happy hour. They have a variety of drink specials, not just Bud and Blue, and a limited menu featuring about 8-10 of their menu items. I started off with the Pinche Beef Tacos. They are very delicious, but not the least bit filling. I decided to add an order of Salt and Pepper Wings.

Local Public wings
The wings were each on the small side, but there was a good pile of theme to make up for that.
Experience Al Fresco Dining with a ...
Experience Al Fresco Dining with a Farm Vibe at Tractor Cafe Talisay Bacolod

I really enjoyed the wings. They were good and crispy and fully cooked. One thing I appreciate is that even though they are small, they don′t snap when you eat them. I don′t like risking getting stabbed every time I eat a wing 〈more on that in a later post〉. 

On the whole, given that Local Public is located just across the street, and back lane from Holy Trinity I expect that I will be stopping there in the future. The food is quite good and they seem to have dialed back the service from “introvert hell,” to “normal human interaction.”

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.