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Lobster Dinner St. Michael and All Angels

Last night I was at St. Michael and All Angels Parish for their fall supper, which is a Lobster dinner.

This year my fall suppers routine has extended well into November. Last night I was at St. Michael and All Angels Parish for their fall supper, which is a Lobster dinner. Now, you may be wondering why a parish in the middle of the Canadian prairies is hosting a lobster dinner. Well, Father Kevin, the priest at St.Michael’s is, along with his wife Rev. Melissa, are originally from Maritime provinces and bring that love of seafood with them where ever they go. This is my first time to the St. Michael’s dinner, but I’ve enjoyed their seafood preparations at clergy gatherings.

Brunch w/ Neil Patrick Harris &...
Brunch w/ Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka

After my last post being about a vegan restaurant, this meal pretty much goes in the complete opposite direction.n

Lobster dinner placemat

An instructional placemat for those, who like me have never eaten lobster out of the shell.

An Intimate Lobster Dinner

St. Michael’s hall is a little smaller than most, and the first setting of the lobster dinner was set for 24. As I entered the church I found I entered just after my Bishop and friend Geoff Woodcroft.  He was there with Andrew, the drummer for The Narwhals(the lead singer might look like a certain blogger), a band that the Bishop is part of. Both Bob and Geoff are enjoyable dinner companions. The people of St. Michael’s were also very welcoming. I don’t know a lot of them all that well, but several people stopped by the table(that may have something to do with the Bishop).

Lobster Dinner decorations
There were decorations to remind people of the fishing life.

Now, I’ve been told that lobster is a messy food to eat. On top of that, I’m a messy eater, so before the meal began I got well and truly prepared. I strapped my bib on several minutes before we were served. Yes, I can make a mess even without any food in front of me.

Bib on for the lobster dinner.
Bib on and secured, if a little off kilter. My first lobster dinner is serious business.

After Father Kevin said grace, we lined up to get our food. With a small crowd, there was no wait time. We were each given two plates, one with the coleslaw, potato salad, and bun. The second one contained the lobster. There was a surf and turf option available, and I paid the extra for ribs to go along with the lobster. Rather than get a third plate for the ribs I had them -placed with my potato salad, etc.

The lobster in the Lobster dinner.
My lobster, still intact. You would not want to see my plate by the time I was finished my lobster dinner.
ribs and sides
My plate, containing my ribs and sides.

When I got to the table, I started in on the ribs right away. These are great ribs. They are good and meaty. They are falling off the bone tender and nicely but not overly sauced. After a couple of bites, I made an attempt at taking my lobster apart. Let’s just say that it’s a good thing there was no one filming my efforts. I ate little  more of the ribs and then took another crack at the Lobster. That try met with as much success as my first attempt so I decided to finish of the ribs along with my sides.

I finished that and then was able to focus on the lobster. My was slow and arduous(and entertaining for my table mates). Eventually I was able to work my through and get the vast majority of the meat out. I found the experience interesting. the tail meat was quite sweet and  really came to life when dipped in the butter. The claw meat was stronger in flavour, but that meant there were contrasting flavours throughout the meal, which I like.  Father  Kevin  and Rev.Melissa  were  in  charge  of cooking the lobster for the lobster dinner and did a great job. I don’t have the names of all the cooks, but all the food was terrific.

apple cake

Lobster dinner dessert in the form of an apple cake. A lobster dinner, like any fall supper isn’t complete without dessert. We were offered the choice of carrot cake, apple cake, and a chocolate cake that was described as closer to a brownie. I went with the apple cake and it was the perfect ending to the dinner. It is heavy on flavour, and light in texture. The lobster dinner desserts were all made by Tanis Thiessen, one of the warden’s of the parish, and according to Geoff, they were all great.

Silent Auction Prize

The lobster dinner, like a lot of fall suppers offered a silent auction to go along with the meal itself. I bought a pile of tickets and put them in the bag in front of the one prize that I wanted. It was a good sized electric grill. This turned out to be a good decision, because when the draw was made, I walked away with it. There was also a second part to the prize, two tickets to a barber shop quartet Christmas Concert being held at St. Michael’s next month.

Lobster dinner prize
I won this nice griddle from the lobster dinner silent auction.

The St. Michael’s lobster dinner is that perfect combination of great good, great welcome, and great community. This is a dinner you should put on your list for next year. You won’t regret it.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.