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Little Truck – Local Food Truck

Unfortunately, the owner of Little Truck has announced he is shutting this truck down.

It seems that every year, a group of food trucks doesn’t hit the streets until mid-summer. This is true again this year. The last few weeks have seen, Little Truck on the Prairie, PVG’s Breakfast Club, the BDI Goog to Go, Slurp This, Denise’s Blue Moon, and I think at least one another. I hope to get to them all in the next couple of weeks. I’m starting off with Little Truck on the Prairie.

Little Truck Logo
Food truck logo
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I used the word local in the title, because this truck is focused on using local ingredients wherever possible. One thing to say, local does not mean lesser. Little Truck on the Prairie proves that local can hold it’s own with food from anywhere.


Value isn’t only about price, it’s about the place where quality, quantity and price all come together. I think Little Truck delivers very good value. The mains ($8-10) are quite well sized, and if you go for the combo, you get even better value. Plus, the quality, of which more below, is well above average. 4.5

Side dishes at Little Truck.
Little Truck side dishes.


The list of mains on offer.
The mains and other dishes are listed o chalkboard menus

Little Truck Selection:

The selection isn’t the biggest. There are however three different mains, and two side dishes. This allows for some combos, and the sides together would make for a decent meal. 4/5


Quality is the high point of the truck. The Bison sliders were well cooked and juicy. The fresh ingredients such as the micro greens added on top bring a nice touch. The cheese sandwich made with Bothwell cheeses is rich and gooey and delivers on flavour. I really liked the smashed Lemon Potatoes. The mixture of onion and garlic with just enough lemon makes these a real treat. The Jicama Slaw is a nice, somewhat sweeter version of your regular Coleslaw. 5/5

Jicama Slaw.
The Jicama Slaw


The sandwiches come in half shell containers lined with foil. I appreciated the fact that the Jicama Slaw, which has a fairly liquid dressing was placed in it’s own container. There’s no top to cover things if it rains however. 4/5


Both times I went I found the service to be quite good. The order takers are friendly. The orders were correct, and the food was prepared in relatively short order. 4.5/5

Little Truck on the Prairie Overall

This is a welcome addition to the street scene in Winnipeg. The use of local ingredients is great. Not only are they locally sourced, but the recipes themselves are a good reflection of the local food scene. One little twist for this truck is that they make their own ketchup and mustard. As regular readers of Dining with Donald know, I am not a ketchup fan. However, the ketchup that is served here offers it’s own unique flavour, much better than anything you would find from a chain store.

Spoiler Alert

There aren’t an awful lot of weeks left in summer. I suggest you use the time left to make sure you check out the Little Truck on the Prairie Food Truck.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.