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Little Sister Coffee Maker

Yesterday I headed out to the Forks for Canada Day. When I got there just before noon most of the outdoor food vendors were still setting up. So I decided to see what was happening on Osborne. Despite having a smaller crowd, most of the food vendors were in full swing. I stopped for lunch at Simba Safari Grill and followed it up with a beverage from Little Sister Coffee Maker.

My Morning Coffee Setup w/ My Shih ...
My Morning Coffee Setup w/ My Shih Tzu Puppy ☕️

Little Sister Coffee Maker is an offshoot of Parlour coffee.  The drinks menu is the same. You also get consistency of quality between the two locations.  The main difference between the two is in appearance.

Parlour is located in a high ceiling building on Main. Little Sister is in the basement of what appears to have been a house or apartment at one time, on River Avenue.  As a result, Little Sister has low ceilings and a rather long and sleek appearance.  There is also more seating space here.  This includes both benches along the wall and seats at the tables.

The little sister Americano
Little Sister offer big quality in their Americano.
I really like the look of the Little Sister Counter area.
The counter area at Little Sister
A colour coordinated espresso maker at Little Sister
An espresso maker well co-oridnated with the rest of the decor.

Little Sister Cold Pressed Coffee

Yesterday, while wandering through Osborne Village on Canada Day, I came across a Little Sister street stand.  They were offering two beverages.  An iced tea and a cold pressed coffee.  I’ve had the iced tea at Parlour, but I hadn’t tried the cold pressed coffee. I think I have found a new favourite summer refresher.
The cold pressed coffee uses carbonated water.  This little bit of effervescence lifts the beverage.  I found it took a little bit of the bitter edge off of the coffee.  You can get it with sugar. I drink my coffee without and it worked fine.  The result is a drink, that despite the carbonation, rests quite lightly on the stomach.

The merchandise display at Little Sister
A variety of coffee and other merchandise available for sale.
Little Sister has a street cart as well. This is the menu.
The sign on the Little Sister Street cart.

Whether outside on the street, or in their pleasing River Avenue digs, Little Sister is a great place for a quick caffeine fix, or a leisurely coffee break.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.