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A Little Pizza Heaven

A Little Pizza Heaven brings to four the number of pizza trucks out on the streets of Winnipeg.. They can be split up into two camps.  The first is the high end wood fired variety. That’s The Red Ember and Fired Up. The other two are more like your corner take out pizza store. The fourth truck is Pizza Potamus.

Dominos Vs Pizza Hut
Dominos Vs Pizza Hut

It’s been a while since I’ve seen the Pizza Potamus truck out on the streets. It was one I meant to get to last summer, but ended up missing. I’ve been noticing A Little Pizza Heaven for some time, so I finally made sure I visited. In addition to the truck, A Little Pizza Heaven has a bricks and mortar location in the middle of Osborne Village. My review follows below:

Little PIzza Heaven slices
A couple of Slices from Little Pizza Heaven

A Little Pizza Heaven Value:

The prices at A Little Pizza Heaven are definitely lower than Red Ember and Fired Up. The Pizza is served in familiar triangle shape. Each piece is reasonably substantial in size, One slice goes for $3.10, Two slices and a drink for $6.19 and Two slices with Caesar salad are $7.09.  As you may guess from the numbers, these are all tax extra. With tax numbers are $3.5,$7, & $8 respectively. You definitely get good value for your money on these items. I didn’t try the wings which are $10+tax for a pound, or the Caesar alone for $8+tax, but that seems fairly reasonable as well. 4.5/


It’s a pizza truck and they sell five different varieties along with the Caesar Salad and Chicken Wings.  Pretty good selection.4/5
Quality: Of the three pizza trucks I’ve tried, I would rate this the lowest. The ingredients aren’t particularly fresh. The pizzas are also pretty standard in terms of variety. However, it’s still pretty good. I also realize people like different styles of pizzas, and the oven baked style of A Little Pizza Heaven may be the way some people prefer to go. I found there was plenty of topping on all four of the different slices that I tried. 4/5


This one is a mixed bag.  The plates on which the pizza is served are rather thin paper plates that would be difficult to deal with if it gets windy outside. The salad, though came in a sturdy closable container that appears to be recyclable. 3.75/5


The service has been fast and friendly both times I’ve been. The pizza has been served hot, but not so much that the cheese burns your mouth. 4/5

A Little Pizza Heaven Overall:

This is a good truck to visit to satisfy your hunger. If you prefer oven baked pizza, you’ll like A Little Pizza Heaven as well. While the ingredients aren’t the freshest amongst the pizza truck, you still get plenty and a fair amount of flavour as well. 4/5 The urbanspoon link takes you to the restaurant page.  They seem to have the truck covered under the page, so that’s why I’ve included it.

By Donald McKenzie

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