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Little Korea – Ellice Avenue

Little Korea is a new restaurant in an old location on Ellice Avenue. The building was formerly home to Choice Sushi. While Choice Sushi features a number of Korean Dishes in addition to the Sushi, Little Korea doesn’t offer any sushi on its menu. Instead it sticks to other, traditional Korean cuisine. Choice Sushi also ran a lot of specials on it’s sushi making it a bit of a bargain dining option. While not particularly expensive Little Korea doesn’t yet seem to be offering any such specials.

Little Korea at Lunchtime

I made my first visit to the restaurant along with Rev Tanis Kolisnyk. Tanis is deacon at St. Philip’s. Summer was over and it was time to get caught up and do some planning for the fall and early winter. We arrived just before the noon hour, and so the place was pretty much empty.

Little Korea lunch
Rev. Deacon Tanis with her lunch bowl.

We were greeted by our server and shown to a table by the window which allowed us to enjoy the sun while we dined. Service was efficient and friendly while at the same time allowing us to converse without unnecessary interruption. Tanis went for the Seafood Noodle Soup, while I opted for the Dolsot Bibimbap(Bibimbob on their menu). Tanis really enjoyed the soup and found the seafood to be fresh and well prepared. As for the Bibimbap, I thought it was pretty good, but not the best I’ve had. My Bibimbap did come with a little bowl of Miso Soup. I enjoyed the soup and liked the fact that there were lots of little tofu bits in my serving.

Little Korea Miso
Miso soup with lots of little bits of tofu at Little Korea.

My second time to Little Korea, I decided to go with the Beef Bulgogi. The beef was quite tender and the sauce was reasonably spicy.The sauce was also very tasty. I’m glad they gave me a spoon along with my chopsticks. This saved me the embarrassment of licking the sauce off my plate in the middle of the restaurant. I received the same side dishes that we had on my first visit. they are the one, slight letdown. None of the three have any stand out flavour.

Little Korea sides
A collection of sides from Little Korea.

While I miss the opportunity for bargain sushi meals, I’ll be happy to pop into Little Korea as the opportunity presents.
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By Donald McKenzie

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