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Little Bones Chicken Wings

Yesterday was my first trip out to the Fringe Festival this year.  As I arrived at the Old Market Square area, I was delighted to discover that Little Bones Chicken Wings had set up shop there as well.  Despite the fact that in general chicken wings are an over-priced item, they are one of my favourite comfort foods.

I had heard about this new truck via Twitter and have been looking forward to trying it out ever since.  Yesterday was my chance, and let me say right off that they didn’t disappoint.

Little Bones truck.So here’s what I have to say:
Little Bones Value

As I mentioned before wings as a rule aren’t cheap, and that is the case here.  The wings come 7 for $7.00 or 14 for $14.00.  The fries come at $5.00 for a regular, and $8.50 for a large, but are $1.00 off if you get the them with the wings.  Soft drinks are $1.50 for a canned drink and $2.50 for specialty soda in a bottle.  There are other choices and add-0ns available as well at various prices.  I went with the 7 wings and regular fries for $11.00, no beverage. 3.5/5

2012 07 18 17 41 28Selection:  If you look carefully at the menu, (and I realize it’s a bit blurry), you’ll see there are a couple of selections that don’t involve wings, and that there are a wide variety of sauces available for the wings. 4/5

Quality:  I give this truck high marks for quality.  The wings are breaded, deep-fried and then covered in sauce.  The first thing that I appreciated was that they were well cooked.  I find chicken from take out places often needs a couple of hits in the microwave to make sure all the rawness is gone.

Yet,  after biting into the crisp coating, the chicken inside was moist.  The wings were also of a reasonably good size.  I noticed that the cooler in the truck contained many sauces in large containers.  I had the pineapple curry, and I don’t know if it was a food service purchase or homemade, but it was very good. 

There was the right balance between the spice of the curry and the sweetness of the pineapple neither overwhelming each other, or my taste buds.  The fries were pre-seasoned, crispy on the outside and unlike the Smashbox Poutine Fries substantial inside. 5/5

Portability:  The meal came in an easy to carry, lidded container, that looked, although without any markings, biodegradable. 4.5/5, but if the containers are in fact biodegradable, it’ s a full 5.

Service:  Quick and efficient, and as evidenced by the thorough cooking, not done at the expense of the product. 5/5

Overall:  Little Bones is my best Food truck experience so far.  4.75/5
Finally, the money shot.

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By Donald McKenzie

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