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Leopold’s Tavern, Village and Henderson

Leopold’s Tavern is a small sports bar chain in Western Canada. There are 20 soon to be 21 locations. I managed to visit two Leopold’s Tavern sites here in Winnipeg while on vacation.

water from Leopold's Tavern
Good, cold water, with the Leopold’s Tavern branding on the glass.
Leopold's Tavern, Village And H...
Leopold's Tavern, Village And Henderson

Both of these visits were of the unplanned variety. I had traveled down Henderson Highway one day, hoping to visit a couple of bakeries. One wasn’t open, and the other had not seating yet. My Osborne Village visit came after I had made my trip to    Small Graces for coffee.

Both of the locations I am writing today have in common the fact that they replaced existing restaurants. The Henderson location used to be a Pizza Hut. The Osborne Village location used to be Cornerstone Bar and Restaurant.

Leopold’s Tavern: Henderson Highway

Being franchise restaurants, the interiors of each location is pretty much the same. The Henderson Leopold’s Tavern is a larger space. Most notable is the fact that they have a room that they can open up at busy times. This room can also be booked for events like birthday and office parties.

The walls at both locations are plastered with photos, posters, jerseys, and album covers. At either of these restaurants you could make multipe visits before you were to run out of new things to look at.

I arrived at Leopold’s Tavern on Henderson during the lunch time, but after the main lunch rush. The place was reasonably full at the time, but I had no trouble getting a table.

Soup of the Day, cup size.
I chose the cup size serving of the soup of the day.

For my lunch I decided to order a cup sized portion of the Soup of the Day. Then for my main I went with Chicken Fingers and Fries. As for something to drink, I went with Lemonade.

Chicken Fingers and Fries.
Chicken Fingers and Fries from Leopold’s Tavern. With a nice mustard sauce to dip the chips in.

The soup was good and rich. I enjoyed the Chicken Fingers. They were good and crispy. I really liked the mustard sauce they came with. It’s always good to have an alternative to ketchup to dip the fries in. The fries were crispy and were mainly large pieces. I found the lemonade a good, refreshing beverage choice.

The service here was good and friendly. I received all my order promptly. This included getting the soup before my main.

Early Supper in Osborne Village.

A bottle of Mango flavoured Jarritos
they only had two flavours of Jarritos. Good thing I like mango.

My visit to the Osborne location of Leopold’s Tavern was on a late Saturday afternoon. When I arrived there were only a few people around the bar, and maybe one or two tables occupied.

For my meal, I ordered Chips and Dip, Taco Salad, and a bottle of Jarritos Mango flavoured pop to drink.

Leopold Tavern's chips and dish
A shareable basket of chips and dip.

The chips and dip were just all right. I ordered the plain rather than a flavoured variety, but that wasn’t the issue. The chips themselves were inconsistent in their cook. Some were good and crispy, but many were rather soft. The chips I had at Hermanos, were much better, and more consistent.

Leopold's Tavern taco salad
A good combination of flavours are present in the Leopold’s Tavern Taco Salad.

From the menu, The Taco Salad contains:

Choice of spicy beef, grilled or blackened
chicken with cheese, pico de gallo, greens,
peppers, corn, black beans, tortillas, sides
of ancho sauce, salsa and sour cream

The mixture of ingredients in the taco salad make it an enjoyable dish. I enjoyed the ancho sauce which makes this different from a lot of taco salads out there. I prefer cheese to mix and melt over the salad, bu the baked piece of cheese on the side isn’t a bad change.

The service here was also good, with my server checking on me during the course of my time, to make sure everything was all right.

One thing I didn’t enjoy at each of the sites, was the loudness of the music. I realize in a sports bar, the music won’t be my favourite. The Henderson Highway location was a little loud. The Osborne Village location was very loud.

Now this is very much a me thing. However, if an establishment is playing music at rock concert volume, it is one I won’t readily revisit.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.