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Le Garage Cafe – Provencher Avenue

Le Garage Cafe is my second, third wave, lockdown post. A couple of days ago I did a revisit of King’s Head Pub. This time around it’s Le Garage, a place I first paid a visit to, almost 8 and a half year’s ago. Like the King’s Head post, this one is based on a delivery experience. As you can see, if you read below, my style has changed over the years.

Schwartz's Diner in Montreal
Schwartz's Diner in Montreal
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Le Garage French Onion Soup
A well balanced French Onion Soup from Le Garage.

For my meal, I ordered the French Onion Soup, an order of Chipotle Wings, The Bacon & Bleu Burger w/Salad, and a Waves Juicy Pale Ale (Kilter Brewery).

Hockey Watching and Supper

Yesterday was the last regular season game for the Montreal Canadiens. This has been the oddest season I can ever recall. However, ups and downs aside, they are in the playoffs where anything can happen. I thought the game was a 5:30 start so ordered my food for then. What better way to watch the last game of the season than with of feast of food from St. Boniface.

I ordered directly through the website. One thing I really like about this, is that the restaurant calls you back to confirm your order. My delivery window was between 5:30 and 5:45, and the order hit that window.

One thing I always wonder about with delivery is how hot will my food be when it arrives. In this case the food came good and hot. This is particularly true of the French Onion Soup. I really like the balance in the soup. Lots of broth, onions, bread and cheese, all in good proportions. It also tastes great

Chipotle Lime Wings
A meaty selection of good tasting wings.

The wings are also very enjoyable. There is plenty of meat on the bone. The meat is really moist. Finally, both the chipotle and lime flavours come through in equal measure.

Le Garage Burger Bacon and Bleu
The Bacon & Bleu Burger with Salad.

The Bacon & Bleu Burger from Le Garage is a loaded burger. Lots of toppings as the photo shows. There is also a sizable beef patty and a nice pile of bacon. I debate ordering with fries or salad, and opted for the salad, because the other dishes I ordered were fairly sizable. This is a good decision. The salad itself is quite larger, but still a lot lighter than an order of fries.

While I like the size of the salad, I really like it’s makeup. The mixed greens are soft. There are juicy bits of cherry tomato. The pepper, cucumber, and carrot are all crispy. Finally, there is a nice bit of crunch with the spiced chickpeas. A great mixture of flavours, and the honey-Dijon vinaigrette doesn’t overwhelm any of it. This is definitely a go to kind of salad.

Juicy Pale Ale
Another fruity Pale Ale.

Post Supper Beverage

The Juicy Pale Ale from Kilter Brewing is another fruity beverage. I didn’t drink it with the meal, instead I’m sipping on it as I finish up this post.

Eight and a half years on, Le Garage still is offering great food. I hope that soon, they will be able to open up and offer great music along with the great food.

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Original Le Garage Review

Last week my work took me out of the office and as a result I had a chance to eat at a couple of St. Boniface eateries over the lunch hours.  The first of these was Le Garage Cafe.  I’ve been past this place many times before. I also have a vague recollection of going there to live music a few years ago. Until last week I had never tried the food.

I was with a couple of co-workers who ordered different items.  I didn’t taste what they ordered, but did get a chance to observe their meals.  Given my fascination with it, I went with the Poutine.  So, here’s what I have to say.

Le Garage Review

Value:  Most of the entree’s are in the $10-15 range.  The food is freshly made and the portion sizes are more than adequate. 4/5
Selection:  The lunch menu has a good variety of options, including a soup and salad special and a little something for everyone.  4/5

Le Garage poutine
Le Garage offers a really good poutine.

Quality:  The food at Le Garage is well prepared.  They advertise there Poutine as the best in town.  I’d say that the description is somewhat of an exaggeration but I’d put it towards the top rather than the bottom of my list.  One of my co-workers had the soup and salad special, and enjoyed the soup of the day (which I can’t remember), so much, that he ordered a second cup of it.  My other co-worker had the Club Maison sandwich and commented on how good the bacon was as well as the turkey. 4.5/5

Decor:  The restaurant has a quite spacious interior allowing diners a sense of privacy even when fairly full.  The walls are covered with caricature paintings of various musicians.  Given that they host live music this is to be expected, but felt a little cliche, as most of the paintings looked like something one might find at an Imaginus sale. 4/5


This would be the least impressive quality about Le Garage.  Two things caught my attention in a negative way.  There were three of us at a rectangular table. When the server brought the cutlery it was left on the corner of the table at the furthest edge of the table. It should have been placed. at each setting.  Second, the ketchup bottle they left us was virtually empty. Fortunately, only one of the table wanted ketchup. 3.5/5

Overall:  The service is a little on the lax side However, the quality and quantity of food make Le Garage a restaurant worthy of repeat business. 4/5

By Donald McKenzie

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