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La Fiesta Cafecito

Earlier this week we had the latest installment of our Why Cook Wednesday supper club.  Our last gathering was at the Noodle Express for Dim Sum. This month the theme was South American. Two of the regular attendees suggested La Fiesta Cafecito. I looked it up and knew that it would be close to the south end of the St. Anne’s bus route. Fortunately, the bus stops just by the side of the strip mall where the restaurant is located.
La Fiesta is owned by El Salvadoreans so technically it’s Central American, but I’ll admit geographical error anytime it leads me to food this good.
One of the purposes of the supper club, is to allow time for conversation over the meal. Everything at La Fiesta Cafecito is homemade from scratch. This means that the meal is prepared after you order it and there is a little time between dishes. Good company makes the waiting easier. Fantastic food makes the waiting worthwhile.
In addition to great food and service, the owners made us feel at home. We felt that we were being welcomed into a little slice of El Salvador. Being made to feel at home, isn’t common in restaurants. I find that when I visit The Tallest Poppy, and remember it from the one time I went to Tomi Tola when it was in business.

La Fiesta Platter:

There were several different orders among the group, but the most popular one was the one I had, which was the Combination Platter #3:Cafecito platter

COMBINATION PLATTER #3 (assorted or vegetarian) An assorted platter consisting of a side salad or soup to start, 1 chicken burrito, 1 pupusa, 1 corn tamal, 1 tamal, & 1 beef enchilada. Served with salsa.

I ordered the soup which came as a starter before the rest of the platter. It was a Spicy Chicken Soup. While I would like a little more kick than it offered the soup itself was very good. There was lots of chicken and it was moist and tender. The broth was rich, with chipotle flavour if not with kick. The rest of the group did find it spicy enough for their liking.

La Fiesta Cafecito Soup
Chicken soup from La Fiesta Cafecito

The platter itself contained the five items listed above. The enchilada, pupusa, and the corn tamal were the three standouts. The platter featured the bean and cheese pupusa, which featured a nice, rich and creamy center. The enchilada was open-faced, with a good portion of beef and a little bit of a kick to it. The corn tamal stood out from the regular tamal because of the sweetness and crunch that the corn added.

While we were enjoying our meal we were also serenaded in song and guitar by one of La Fiesta Cafecito’s owners. He played the guitar and sang quite well. Along with that he told us of his coming to Canada, and  stories of trips made back to El Salvador to deliver medical supplies. We were greatly entertained by all of them.


After the main course, the other owner, the cook, came out and told us a little bit about La Fiesta’s history. It had originally started out as a bakery, but as time went by more and more people suggest that she add meals. After having this conversation she asked if I anyone wanted dessert, which in this case was vanilla cake. The cake featured two layers of vanilla sponge, with custard in between. Around the outside was Dulce de Lecho, and on top was a healthy portion of Whipped Cream sprinkled with Cinnamon. We were also offered a complimentary cup of coffee to go with it.

A couple of things to note. If you wish to order a particular dessert, call ahead to find out when it is available. Prepare to make an evening of your meal. This is not fast food. This is great food. It is worth every minute of waiting.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.