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Kyu Grill – Street Cart

Yesterday, ManyFest announced it’s initial line-up for September’s Food Truck Wars. Looking through the list, a couple of names stood out. The first was the Walleye Wagon. Which I had visited and not yet written about, and Kyu Grill, which I had visited for the first time earlier in the day. Since I had already been there once, I decided I would pay Kyu Grill a second visit today.

Kyu Grill Spicy chicken
The Spicy chicken from Hero from Kyu Grill

Kyu Grill is a food cart that is operated by the same people who own Kyu Bistro on Isabel. Kyu Bistro advertises itself as Winnipeg’s best Ramen. I’ll have to make it down there soon and try it out. Their food cart on the other hand specializes in Hero sandwiches or as they call them the HEROshima. The current street food that these remind me of the most, are the sandwiches from Beaujena’s Mobile French Table.


Sandwiches range from $7.50 for the Noriyaki to $9.50 for the Pork Belly. For $3.00 you can add a snack and a regular pop/water or for $4.00 add a snack and a specialty beverage. I had the Spicy Chicken the first time and the Pork Belly the second time. Although more expensive I’d rate the Pork Belly the better value as there was more meat. 3.75/4

Kyu Grill snacks.
Kyu Grill offers some interesting snack choices.

Kyu Grill Selection:

There are five sandwiches on offer, along with four different snacks. This allows you to make several different combos. There are also five different specialty drinks. The only let down is in the pop category where there is only Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, and water. Some 7-up or root beer would be a good add. 4/5

Kyu Grill drinks
The drink selection at Kyu Grill is also untypical of most street carts.


Much like the value, I thought that the Pork Belly was the better quality of the two hero’s. I found the Chicken to be a little on the bland and dry side. On the other hand the Pork Belly was tender and not overly fatty. Also, working against the Chicken was that although described as Spicy it wasn’t in the least. The Ginger Slaw they serve is quite nice with a distinct but subtle Ginger taste. The buns I found to be too soft. 3.5/5


The Hero’s come in little plastic boats that make them easy to carry. Also, you have something to put them back into between bites. The snacks are all in little containers that can be rolled up. 4.5/5


The service was friendly and prompt. They are attempting to build up their Social Media base and so were offering $1.00 on the order to anyone who liked their Facebook page. 4/5

Kyu Grill Overall:

This truck is quite new to the street so there are probably a few kinks that they are still working out. Still, a better bun and more consistency across the various heroes would be a welcome addition. 3.75/5

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.