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Kyu Grill – Forks Market Food Hall

The new food hall at The Forks continues to take shape. Last week I wrote about the Nuburger location, and this week I visited the new Kyu Grill site. I’ve written about the Kyu Grill food cart in the past, but this was a time to try out the Forks location which seems like a cross between Kyu Bistro and the food cart as far as the menu goes.

The Kyu Grill spring rolls.
The Kyu Grill spring rolls.

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One of the first things I noticed about the menu is that there were a couple of items on it that I didn’t typically associate with an Asian restaurant. One of these was the beef stew. With the exception of the mayonnaise dressing on top, it was familiar as the beef stew that I grew up with. The meat was tender and the carrots and other vegetables came in big chunks. The gravy was flavourful, though for my own taste I wish it was a little thicker.

Kyu grill stew.
A hearty beef stew from Kyu Grill at The Forks Market Food Hall.

One of the things I really like about The Forks location is they have a really good deal where you can order two sides for $4.50. One thing that I really like about the deal is that it an actual savings. I’m sure you’ve seen the type where the deal is $3.00 each or 2/$5.99. Also, the sides are pretty good as well. I went with the three springs rolls and the cold noodle salad

Kyu Grill Salad
Cold noodle salad

The salad was my favourite of the two, as all the ingredients were well marinated in the dressing which features a bright, acidity. The spring rolls were well cooked. Nice and crispy, and well filled.

Kyu Grill Supper

My second visit to Kyu Grill was later in the evening. While most of the shops have closed down, many of the restaurants are still open. This also meant that the lineups are a little shorter. This time around I was intrigued by the Raghetti. A dish featuring Ramen noodles served in spaghetti sauce.

Kyu Grill Raghetti
Raghetti, Kyu Grill’s take on spaghetti and sauce, with ramen noodles

This is another dish I really enjoyed. The ramen noodles wake a more than adequate substitute for spaghetti, and the sauce was very good. The sauce has a rich tomato base, and it is baked with cheese. There is a lot of cheese, and I really enjoyed scraping the baked cheese off the dish as I was finishing it.
Service at Kyu Grill is friendly and efficient. As with several of the other new restaurant you are giving a buzzer when you order. This buzzer then goes off when your order is ready. This way you are able to sit down and enjoy your beverage or the company of your friends without having to wait for you name or number to be called.
The presence of Kyu Grill at The Forks is one more reason to make your way down there. Their meals as tasty and will fill you up, as you head out to walk around, or if so inclined, to skate the river trail

By Donald McKenzie

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