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It seems every week there is a new take on retro dining in Winnipeg, Sherbrook Street Delicatessan offers a Winnipeg take on a classic New York Deli. Beet Happening mixes corner diner with fresh, local and organic. Preceding both of these restaurants in Winnipeg’s latest culinary renaissance is King + Bannatyne.
King + Bannatyne advertises themselves as your corner sandwich shop. Appropriate as they are located on the corner of the streets for which they are named. Also, they do specialize in sandwiches. They are somewhat comparable in style to Sherbrook Street Delicatessan, but their menu is a little more limited.
The restaurant is bright and cheerful. There is a long communal table running down the middle. As well along one wall there are a collection of two seat and four seat tables, with a couple of bar tops running along the Bannatyne wall.

Sandwiches at King + Bannatyne*

The first visit to the restaurant was just after the lunch rush had ended. As a result, they were temporarily out of a couple of the items on the menu. So I went with the River City Brisket. As I was ordering I noticed at the back of the service area they had a sign advertising soup or salad available, each $4.00. If you go in you need to be paying attention, because you can easily miss this sign. I ordered a cream of parsnip soup.
The sandwich is served on Portuguese rye bread. I really enjoyed the bread. The brisket was good but not great. I didn`t ask, but felt I should have, as to whether or not they offer a hot mustard as well as the regular it came with.

King + Bannatyne sandwich.
Brisket. sandwich with a pickle on the side.

ve never particularly liked parsnips. I’ve always felt that they were sort of pale, bland carrots. However, this soup goes a long way towards changing my mind. There was a good mix of sweetness and spice to is, and it was rich, creamy and filling.
The next time I went in I had the Porchetta Sandwich. This was served on a large roll. If you are choosing from the regular menu I would say that this is the one to pick. The combination of herbs along with the lemon flavour means that each bite is a new flavour adventure.

King + Bannatyne Porchetta
The porchetta snadwih with the broccoli side salad.

This time around I went with the salad option. The salad the day I visit was a broccoli salad. The broccoli was crisp without the florets being chewy. The bits of onion and the dressing added a nice bright acidic flavour to it.
King + Bannatyne is licensed. They also carry a selection of Boylans and Stewarts pop. My first time through I had the Angry Orchard Cider. Nice and crisp, and with some bite in it. A pleasant change from some of the lighter ciders on the market.
King + Bannatyne is a welcome new addition to the exchange, with a freshness that Subway can only dream of.
*Although I’m using a plus sign, the + in King + Bannatyne makes clever use of the street intersection, and their spot on the corner
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