Reviews and Such Greek Restaurants

Juniors – Saint Marys Road

Here’s another one of those apostrophied restaurants, this time on an an apostrophied street. Juniors has three locations in Winnipeg, serving a classic burger and fries type menu along with some Greek specialties. I visited the location at St. Mary’s and Fermor.

Juniors Coke
I purchased a Can of Coke as part of my Fatboy meal.
SM UPTOWN CDO (Northwing ASRM Walk,...
SM UPTOWN CDO (Northwing ASRM Walk, Lunch and some coffee)

I made my first stop at Juniors, because I had been down at St. Mary Magdalene, one of the other Anglican Churches in town. We were planning a joint service for Maundy Thursday. I was busing it back to St. Philip’s and I figured I would have enough time to stop for a bite to eat at Juniors and continue on my journey while making use of my transfer.
It was late suppertime when I arrived. The place wasn’t overly full, but there were several customers in line. I chose the Fatboy special that was advertised on a sign outside. The special came with a regular Fatboy, small Fries and a can of pop for $7.99. The single Fatboy is still a fairly large burger, served with lettuce, pickles, tomato and chili. The patty in the picture below is hidden by the lettuce, buy it is large, and real beefy. Put together with the fries and drink this makes for a good meal. Generally, you won’t leave hungry after eating this special.

Juniors fries
The small order of fries is still a fairly substantial portion.


Juniors fatboy.
There’s was too much lettuce to remove before taking the picture, but the burger patty hidden underneath was still pretty substantial

Juniors Gyros:

The second time I stopped, it was mid to late afternoon. Again, while it wasn’t busy, there was a steady stream of customers in and out. This is a tribute to Juniors food and reputation. Having tried the Fatboy, I opted for the Gyros this time. Like the Fatboy, the Gyros comes with plenty of meat and other fillings. The bad that it was wrapped in was light and fluffy. I did find it a little messy for my liking. I can make mess well enough on my own. Fortunately, the napkins are self-serve, so I had plenty to clean up with.

Juniors Gyros
The Gyros is well filled, and if you like your meal sloppy, this is the dish for you.


Juniors salad
There’s a lot of feta in this Greek Salad, which is good, because it’s my favourite part of a Greek salad.

The salad was pretty good. It met my bare minimum standard by including three ripe olives. Three seems to be the standard number for any small Greek Salad.
One additional thing I liked about Juniors is that they have serve yourself condiments. I particularly liked that they offer Seasoned Salt to go with the fries.

Juniors condiments
The condiments are available at the counter where you pick up your order. I really like the fact that there is Seasoned Salt available for the fries.

Service is counter service only. I found that my order was taken quickly and that the food arrived promptly. Also, I was able both times to order, enjoy my meal, and not be rushed as I headed back out to wait for the next bus.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.