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Johnny Gs – East Exchange

I didn’t get to much of the Fringe Festival this year, but I was there enough to look for new places to eat. One of the places I chose was Johnny Gs (apostrophe removed for SEO reasons). I had visited there many years ago. However it was so long ago, I don’t really remember anything about it. I do seem to recall the portions being large.

Menu from Johnny G's
Johnny G’s has a large and varied menu

There are two entrances to Johnny Gs. One will take to Wee Johnny’s pub in the basement. The other will take you into the restaurant/lounge space upstairs. I went with the upstairs both times. The restaurant manages to be both open and intimate at the same time. I like this, especially when dining alone. Service is quick and prompt.

Fringe Visit:

My first visit came during the Fringe Festival. With all that is going on, I’m always looking for someplace that can get me in and out quite quickly. Despite the restaurant being somewhat full I received good, quick service.
My starter choice was Cream of Mushroom soup, followed by the BBQ Pulled Pork Platter. The soup was quite good. What I really liked about it was the amount of mushroom slices. There were plenty of slices and the base was rich and creamy.

Johnny G's Mushroom Soup.
Johnny G’s has a real good mushroom soup

I’m a Pulled Pork fan, so that was my main. The sandwich as a whole is quite good. It comes topped with coleslaw and onion rings. I like the coleslaw, but the onion rings leave a little bit to be desired. Too tall and narrow for one thing. They don’t stay on the sandwich very well.

The meat is tender and the barbecue sauce is more than adequate. The fries are also plentiful and plenty crispy.

pulled pork copy
Pulled Pork Platter

Johnny Gs Supper:

Just recently I made it back to the restaurant for an early supper. This time I went with the Thai Lime salad to start. For my main I went with the Chicken-Mushroom Rotini Mediterranean.

The salad is quite good. The dressing is nice without being overpowering. There is a good mixture of greens, and plenty of peanuts to go with it. The flavours are well mixed together.
saladThe Chicken-Mushroom Rotini Mediterranean is also very enjoyable. The pasta, while not quite al dente, is still quite firm. Like the cream of mushroom soup there is a good selection of mushrooms in the pasta. There is also a good portion of chicken breast that is still quite tender. The only thing I’d like different would be for the chicken pieces to be a little smaller.

One other thing I like. There is plenty of sauce, but the pasta dish is not drowning in it. The Garlic Toast is also good, again not drowning in butter.

Johnny G's pasta
A good, not overly sauce pasta from Johnny G’s.

I also enjoyed the fact that the garlic toast is not over buttered.The toast remains crisp but there is plenty of garlic flavour.

On both trips I limited myself to the refillable pop for my beverage selection. However, the restaurant does have a good selection of beer, wine, and other beverages. Service is good. My servers were both friendly, and I received refills of water and ginger ale without any problem.

Summing up

Johnny Gs is a good place to visit if you find yourself in the Exchange area. There is also a location on Main Street across from the railway station.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.