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Jennifer’s Restaurant 7 Sisters, MB

Last month I paid a visit to Jennifer’s Restaurant in Seven Sisters. This was an unusual visit, in that it is only the second time in just about 10 years, that I have dined outside of Winnipeg. By that, I mean places that I couldn’t reach by Winnipeg Transit.

Jennifer's restaurant Meat Gravy.
My bowl of meat gravy from Jennifer’s Restaurant.
Eating Breakfast in Hanoi, Vietnam ...
Eating Breakfast in Hanoi, Vietnam - #shorts

The occasion for the visit to Jennifer’s Restaurant was our annual clergy conference. We were meeting at Wilderness Edge Conference Centre in Pinawa. 

Jennifer’s Restaurant for Supper 

If you are familiar with Dining With Donald, you know the reason that I don’t visit out of town restaurants is that I don’t drive. This also makes it challenging to get to events such as clergy conference.  

In this case it wasn’t too difficult. Rev. Andrew Rampton, my colleague at Holy Trinity, rented a vehicle. We were then joined by Rev. Gwen McAllister, priest at St. Matthew Maryland, and Rev. Colleen Matthews, deacon at St. Matthew Maryland.

This was our first in-person gathering since the onset of Covid-19, so it was a good time to visit and catch up a little.

Registration for the conference began at 5 on the Friday evening, and so we planned to make a stop for supper. Andrew was the one who suggested Jennifer’s Restaurant, remembering he had enjoyed a visit there several years previous.

Jennifer's Restaurant kangaroo
The Kangaroo Kebab is one of the specialties of Jennifer’s Restaurant.

I didn’t have any idea of what the restaurant would look like. It turns out that the current edition is a parked food truck, with a series of fenced in picnic tables, each of which comes with a canopy to held keep off the sun and most rainfall.

Jennifer’s Restaurant is run by Chef Josef in the kitchen and his wife Nathalie running front of trailer. The cuisine is quite similar to Bistro Dansk, but with a twist. This twist is the addition of exotic animal appetizers.

When we got to the truck to order, my three companions all chose a variation on one of either the Weiner Schnitzel or Lemon Chicken. Each of these contained a breaded piece of meat, a lemon potato, and garden salad.

Hungarian Goulash
A bowl of Hungarian Goulash.

With my three companions having chosen somewhat similar dishes I decided to go in a slightly different direction. I ordered a Kangaroo Kebab, some Meat Gravy, and a dish of Hungarian Goulash. 

I chose the Kangaroo Kebab, because the only other exotic appetizer I hadn’t tried was the Alligator Soup which was quite pricy. Having tried python, I can say that Kangaroo is certainly a more flavourful meat. The texture reminded me of ground pork, and there was certain gaminess to the meat. 

Next was the meat gravy. This is a bowl of gravy that studded with bits of meat throughout. Now, I suppose this could be eaten with the potatoes that were part of the other platters my colleagues ordered.

However, eating good gravy by the spoonful is a practice that I would highly recommend. If you can’t spoon it out of the bowl, just drink it, as you would a latté at a Parisian Café.

Finally, I finished up with the Hungarian Goulash. In the pictures above it is a little difficult to distinguish between the gravy and the goulash, but there is a definite difference in taste

I really enjoyed this goulash. There was a good deal of pork in it. The paprika came through really well in the flavour. The paprika also gave the dish a decent amount of spiciness. 

The price of my three items only came to $10.00. Both the portions of gravy and goulash were large enough to make this a satisfying and filling meal.

I didn’t get any photos of my colleagues dinners, but from observation, the schnitzels were crispy. Andrew said he enjoyed the lemon potatoes that they served, and there was a good portion of salad as well.

If you are heading out to the Pinawa area, it’s worth your time to make a stop in Seven Sisters and visit Jennifer’s Restaurant. 

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.