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Island Fusion Food Truck

I’ve visited Island Fusion a couple of times since I wrote this review. I find the quality of the food is as good as when I initially visited. The one thing worth noting is that there are often specials on offer. Even if you’ve been several times before, it’s worth taking a look to see what new or limited items might be on offer.

When I wrote about the Red River Ex, I mentioned that there was a truck serving wings that would soon be serving Caribbean food out on the street. Well, I’m pleased to say, that truck is now on Winnipeg’s streets. It’s called Island Fusion. Island Fusion Food Truck offers traditional Caribbean comfort food, but with a modern, local twist.
If you follow Dining with Donald with any regularity, you know that the time I spent working at Holy Trinity Anglican Church gave me a real appreciation for Caribbean cuisine. Having taken the time to visit Island Fusion, I can only say that appreciation has increased. Here goes my review.

Island Fusion Sign
The sign on the Island Fusion Truck. Offering a hint of the sun and the sea


The dishes at Island Fusion range from $6.00 for the Cassava Fries to $10.00 for the Roti, with the other dishes fitting with in that range.  Portion sizes are generally good, while the Cassava Fries qualifies as huge.  If you dine with another person, I’d suggest you each buy one main, and split an order of Cassava Fries between you.  It’s your best buy and you will both be satisfied.  4.25/5

Island Fusion Selection:

There are only half a dozen or so items on the menu.  The first time I went they didn’t have Patties, but they did the second time.  Still, there is a variety in the types of food you can get.  I had the Doubles, The Ceviche con Tostone, along with the above mentioned Cassava Fries.

Island Fusion menu is on the side of the truck.
The menu for Island Fusion



Freshness is a top priority for Island Fusion. You may have noticed that I’ve already made frequent mention of the Cassava Fries.  That’s because they are my new favourite side dish.  The fries were varied in shaped, but reminded me of steak cut.  They were crispy on the outside and the cassava makes them nicely chewy on the inside.  What I really liked was that even after leaving half of them sit for about 30 minutes, they were till quite crispy without being dry and hard. I think they would also make for a good poutine.  The Doubles had a nice creamy sauce with them, and although they were a little on the sloppy side, the bread they were wrapped in was light and airy.  Eat them rolled up using your fingers, but take a fork to lap up any sauce that leaks out.  Finally, the Ceviche con Tostone was bright and acidic, and the plantain had a nice crisp on the outside and a good chew inside.  The truck offers three different sauces, I recommend the medium spicy Lime Pepper sauce. Lot’s of kick and flavour. 5/5

Cassava Fries
The Cassava Fries, are good and crispy, and hold their texture quite well. They would make a great base for an island poutine.


The Island Fusion doubles are a neat little treat.


The dishes I had all came in closeable containers.  This was particularly good for the Doubles as all the extra juicy bits fell back into the container where I could take the fork to them later.  I didn’t order a Roti, but the one I saw purchased appeared to be well wrapped and fairly easy to hold. 4.5/5

Ceviche with plantain.
Island Fusion offers a Ceviche that is bright, and acidic. It also come with several pieces of Plantain


I’ve had good service both times.  Quick and efficient and got the order right. I haven’t been at a busy time yet, so I can’t say how they handle a rush. 4/5

Island Fusion Overall:

This is a must not miss truck. They have hit all the right notes when it comes to quality and do above average on quantity and value.  Get in line soon before the line ups get to long. Plus, even if the line ups get long, Island Fusion always has some Caribbean music playing to help the wait go smoother.  4.5/5

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.