Inferno’s Bistro – Des Meurons Avenue

Inferno’s Bistro is a French restaurant located in Saint Boniface. I first visited the restaurant not long after I started working at Saint Philip’s. Despite really enjoying my meal, my main course was a Mushroom Papardelle, I didn’t make it back until the summer of 2020

Infernos  French Onion Soup
Delivery order of French Onion soup. The trip resulted in some sloshing.
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Finally, when I am visiting Dug  Betty’s, I also fit in a visit to Inferno’s Bistro.  This visit was during the summer, when the restrictions on dining during Covid had been relaxed. Even then, although Inferno’s features a nice patio, I dined inside because there were more people dining outside than I was comfortable with.

Dining in at Inferno’s Bistro

When I arrived, the inside dining area of the restaurant was basically empty. I ended up at a table in the corner.  This gave me a view of the dining area and left me comfortably on my own. The tables are of a light wood finish, and the seats are quite comfortable.

Infernos ribs
An appetizer portion of ribs.

This was a lunchtime visit. I ordered an appetizer portion of ribs, and a soup and sandwich special.

I believe this is the duck confit sandwich, but it was about 8 months ago.
Vegetable soup
Vegetable soup to go with the sandwich.

The Inferno’s Bistro soup and sandwich combination is quite filling.  Bread for the sandwich features a good, crisp crust, with a moist crumb on the bread inside. The mixture of vegetables with the confit makes for a good contrast of smooth meat along with crunchy vegetables.

bread basket
A mixture of breads in the bread basket.

Being a classic French restaurant, service at Inferno’s Bistro is relaxed and leisurely. Fortunately you receive a nice, little bread basket to snack on as you wait for your meal. I like the fact that it comes with three different types of bread.

Infernos wine
I topped my meal off with a pleasant glass of red wine. 

To finish off my meal, I add a glass of red wine. A pleasant way to finish off a French meal.

Inferno’s Delivery

After a wait of a few months, I ordered again from Inferno’s Bistro. This order contains French Onion Soup, Moules et Frites, and an Apple and Blue Cheese salad. 

Moules Frites
The Madagascar Moules and Frites from Infernos Bistro.

One thing about ordering for delivery is that the food often does not arrive hot. I will write more about this soon. That may seem like a bit of a digression, but as a result, the fries were getting cold and soggy by the time they arrived. Also, the moules had lost some of their heat, costing a bit of enjoyment.

Nonetheless, the moules have quite good flavour, and all were open and easy to remove from their shells

apple blue cheese salad.
The apple-blue cheese salad.

I really enjoy the salad. there is plenty of blue cheese, and the sticks of apple set off the cheese quite well.

The Bread Tray from Inferno's Bistro.
A side order of bread.

Earlier I made a comment about how much I enjoy the bread selection from Inferno’s Bistro. I like them so much that I added a side order of bread to this meal. 

I really like the food from Inferno’s Bistro. I also enjoy the service I receive when I dine there. I cannot wait until they are open again for dine-in service. 

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.