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Indian Food Corner – 1359 Pembina

Indian Food Corner is located in a strip mall just south of Pembina Highway and McGillivray Boulevard. During summer last year, I went down Pembina a few times and hoped to stop in at the restaurant. Indian is one of my favourite cuisines and I’m always looking for new Indian places to try.

Indian Food Corner Mango Lassi
A Mango Lassi is one of my favourite beverages.
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However, each time I went by, I noticed that they were only offering tiffin services. Tiffins are traditional Indian food containers with separate compartments for different items. You can read more about tiffins in my post about Daily Bread Cafe

Lunch From Indian Food Corner

It was not until I stared making a regular habit of ordering meals in, that I thought about Indian Food Corner again. In fact, it was not until I received my order, that I realized that this was the restaurant I had wanted to visit.

My first ordered I chickened out. That is, both of my main dishes contained chicken. I ordered Chicken Manchow Soup and a Chicken Vindaloo. I also tossed in a couple of samosas. 

Chicken Manchow Soup
Chicken Manchow soup from Indian Food Corner.

I ordered the soup, because soup is not something I typically associate with Indian restaurants. The picture above is the soup in the delivery container. It does not completely capture all the best parts of the soups. In part because the ingredients are chopped into small pieces. 

Another reason for this soup orders is that it comes advertised as spicy. It certainly lives up to the billing as far as spice goes. It features that good, hot, sweaty, make you nose run kind of heat. The broth is rich and thick. The chicken is tender and moist. This is a very satisfying soup.

Indian Food Corner Samosas
A double order of samosas

The samosas are $1.25 each. I order two. This are some of the best samosas I have eaten. What I really like about them is the way they managed to make the shell crispy without overcooking it. They are the perfect golden brown. In addition to this the filling is substantial.

Chicken Vindaloo for take out
Indian Food Corner Chicken Vindaloo

Normally when I order a Vindaloo, I order a lamb Vindaloo. However there is not one on offer. So, I order a Chicken Vindaloo instead. While the Vindaloo is not as spicy as the Manchow soup, there is still plenty of spice in this offering. One thing I often find with Indian dishes, is there is so much gravy, you wonder if it is hiding a lack of meat. Not so here. There is plenty of moist and tender chicken in this dish.

Combo Meal

My second time around I chose a combo meal, featuring a Goat Curry. Along with that I tried the Papri Chaat and a Mango Lassi.

Indian Food Corner Combo
Goat combo, with rice and chickpeas.

Lamb and Goat are among my favourite choices in Indian dishes. I never know though, how much of my order will be meat and how much bone. My Indian Food Corner order was mainly meat. There was some bone, but the meat chunks were substantial. Again, the meat is good and spicy. There is a significant amount of rice. The chickpeas make a good, supplement as a side dish.

I ended up not being as hungry as I thought when I placed the order. As a result, I placed the Papri Chaat in the fridge to enjoy late. The one real danger in that, is that I forgot to take a picturre when I went to eat it later. I also did not take a photo of the naan bread, which is part of the combo.

I really enjoy Papri Chaat. I enjoy the mixture of sweet and savoury items, along with the rich texture of the yogourt. This Papri Chaat is particularly filling and I am glad I left it until later.

The Mango Lassi is thick and rich. I like the fact that the mango flavour lasts right down to the bottom of the drink.

Indian Food Corner offers up some really good dishes. Everything I ordered is something I would order again. I do not know if they ever intend to open up for dine in service. I notice when you search on Google there are pictures that seem to include dine-in tables.

Even if they do not, Indian Food Corner offers great food for pick-up or delivery.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.