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Immanuel United Fall Supper

Two weekends ago I visited the Holy Eucharist Fall Supper. This past weekend there was quite a few to choose from. It was also Synod weekend for our diocese. So, I wanted to find a dinner that I could get to easily. In the end I decided my best bet was the Immanuel  United Fall Supper. Immanuel United is located on Golspie on the corner of Kimberley. This is just a block down from my old work stomping grounds at Watt Street Family Foods. 

Immanuel Fall Supper Sign
The sign advertising the Immanuel United Church Fall Supper.

Immanuel Fall Supper Service

Vikings luxury buffet at SM Marikin...
Vikings luxury buffet at SM Marikina | One of the biggest buffet | Michael's Hut

I phoned in advance to get a ticket put aside. I expected to receive a ticket, but was given a number card instead. This turns out to be one of the unique features of the supper. The service is on a rolling basis.As you get your number you are directed to a room upstairs. There you take a seat. There is a volunteer who calls numbers out in groups of 25. My number is 87. I manage to get my call in about 20 minutes.

Immanuel number card
My number card, telling me when I could line up for supper.

After I get my call, I head down another set of stairs into the basement. As the sign above points out, the supper offers dine-in and take-out options. I don’t have a picture of the take-out, but they obviously do a lot of business. The service line begins with a selection of salads. One thing I notice is the presence of Jell-o Salads, a throwback to church suppers of my past.

Immanuel Jell-O salad
Jell-O Salad. Memories of church dinners past.

The salads are self-serve, but there is a line of servers dishing up the hot food. This supper is a Turkey dinner with all the trimmings. My plate won’t indicate it, but there is plenty of food. My plate isn’t as full, because I say no to more, each time it is offered. Most of the plates I see around me are piled high with food. Still, even saying no, there is plenty on my plate. The person serving the turkey gives me the choice of white meat, dark meat, or wing. Because I like the crispy skin, I go with the wing.

A heaping, helping of Turkey dinner.

Desserts and More

Pie is the dessert for this dinner. There are a number of types available. Because I’m  early, I’m able to get my favourite, blueberry. Coffee and tea are brought around by volunteers. Among the volunteers are a group of Girl Guides. When I asked one the people helping with the service, I found out the Girl Guides don’t meet at Immanuel. It’s good to see one community group reaching out to another to help put together a supper such as this.
The only odd thing with this supper is the that they ticket calling system means that the tables fill up at different rates. Being early on the list, the space around me fills up slowly. I am finishing my meal by the time anyone sits across from me. As a result, this meal isn’t as socially pleasant as some of the others. As a result, I’d suggest taking friends with you if you wish to attend next year’s dinner.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.