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Il Molino – Corydon

Il Molino is now closed. The owners have opened a new restaurant called Saperavi, which specializes in Georgian cuisine. I have yet to manage to visit. 
As a priest, Mondays are generally a day off for me. This means I have time to go visiting areas of the city that I might not get to any other time of the week. Over the last few Mondays, I went down Corydon looking for some lunch options. I ended up picking out Il Molino in part because many Corydon Avenue restaurants close down for an early afternoon break.
My other reason for picking Il Molino is that there has been quite a lot of buzz around their open-faced Danish style sandwiches.

Il Molino for Late Lunch

I arrived at the restaurant at around 2:30 pm. I was the only diner there. Looking over the menu I chose the Rosemary Ham and Blue Cheese (you can also get it with Triple Cream Brie). The first thing I noticed about the sandwich when it arrived was the artistic arrangement of the food.

Il Molino sandwich
Open faced sandwich from Il Molino

Tasting it, it was clear that the effort didn’t all go into making the sandwich look good. The ingredients were fresh, and the variety of flavours mixed well together. The portion of potato salad, although small on this occasion, was quite good. I wasn’t in the mood for beer in the afternoon, so I simply ordered the coffee. It was good and strong, and came with free refills.

When it came to dessert, I wound up with my only disappointment with Il Molino. Being Monday, they were pretty much out of desserts after the weekend (this happened both Mondays). My server suggested I order a Belgian Waffle. I did and it came generously topped with whipped cream, chocolate, and fresh fruit. It was a sweet, but not overly so, way to finish off my lunch.

On my return visit, I decided I would go with something that was less meat intensive than the ham sandwich. This time I opted for the egg and caviar. This sandwich really hit all the right notes for it’s flavour and texture profile. Their was saltiness in the caviar, sweetness in the fruit, savoury chewiness in the seaweed salad, and it was all arranged in such way that you could enjoy those sensations separately or together.

In addition, this time the potato salad was more substantial. Once again the dessert choices were limited, but the Strawberry Danish that I did order was suitably flaky and had filling running throughout the pastry. This was again at my server’s suggestion. The service here is very good. To drink I had a pot of Green Tea. I really enjoyed that the tea had enough strength to it to make it through a refill of water, with out ending up flavourless.

Il Molino green tea
Green tea at Il Molino.

I don’t get down Corydon avenue all that often. However, Il Molino is a good reason for making that trip. The service and food are both terrific.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.