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Healthy Eats, Limited Appeal

With all the new food trucks roaming the streets of Winnipeg, it’s not surprising to find a trending upwards in the prices of the items on display.  This is particularly true as trucks such as Tot Wheels, El Torrito, and Habanero Sombrero come along with an emphasis on fresh, home-cooked style food.

Healthy Eats Menu
The Healthy Eats Menu is printed on the side of the truck.

If, you’re going to follow on this trend, you need to be offering something special that makes the extra cost worthwhile.  This brings me to Healthy Eats, a truck that talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk (or should that be drive the drive).
Healthy Eats sounds like a great concept.  There has to be a market out their for fresh food, especially when so much of what comes from the food trucks is deep fried, and fat is still fat, trans or no.  The truck certainly has the look, including a nifty porch in the back to hold the grill, but in the end it just doesn’t deliver.  What follows are my thoughts on why:


First off, all prices are without taxes include.  So, on the sandwiches add from around $.75-$1.00 on each item listed.  This is the only truck that does it, and it appears they are doing it to make their food look cheaper than it is.  Second, none of the portions that I had of anything would be described as generous, with the fruit cup clocking in at $3.50 for 8oz.  The salad pictured below looks large, but is only stacked in such away to give that appearance.  3/5

Healthy Eats salad.
The salad look impressive, but there wasn’t actually too much to it.


As you can see from the menu in the picture at the top, Healthy Eats actually offers quite a good selection to choose from.  That would be one of the strong suits of the truck.4.5/5


The salad I had was quite good, and give them credit for putting the dressing on the side, rather than drowning it.  However, the pink lemonade, was insipid.  There was no sense that it was actually made with lemons.  I tried the Bifana on my second visit, and the meat was overcooked and dry, while the bun it was served on tasted dry and stale, as if it had been left over from last Friday. 3/5
Not easy food to eat and carry.  My Bifana sandwich was wrapped in paper and placed in a  paper fry bag, which didn’t combine well with the fruit cup.  When I had the salad, the lettuce and spinach were all in huge pieces which meant that had to be cut, or you needed to try and fold them with a tiny, plastic fork.  3/5
The service was reasonably good, and friendly.  4/5

Healthy Eats Overall:

I think there are quite a few problems with the truck.  Too pricey, the added tax, food quality not living up to the promise of what is advertised.  However, I do think they could make some changes here and there and greatly improve things.  Unless you’re in a real desperate state of wanting salad, I’d suggest giving this one a pass for now. 3-3.5/5

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.