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Have a Nice Day – Goodwill Social

Have a Nice day is now closed, and has been replaced by Khao house

Last month I read that The Goodwill Social Club was going to make changes to it’s food service. I stop in every so often for coffee and have had the pizza on occasion as well. About a week and a half ago I stopped in to check out the changes for the first time. Since then I’ve made a couple of more visits.

Have a Nice Day with an Americano
You can always count on the Americanos at the Goodwill Social Club.

I want to start off by saying that I found all the items I ordered were really good. The quality of food is a definite upgrade both in quality and variety over Little Pizza of Heaven. That being said, there were certain hit and miss qualities to the dishes. Instead of recounting each visit, I’m going to go through each dish from top to bottom in terms of quality and value.

Fine Falafel:

The best dish that I tried both in price and quality is the Falafel. Available as a wrap or a bowl, I went with the bowl option. There are plenty of well seasoned falafel pieces, a good pile of salad, along with large dollops of hummus and a great hot sauce. At $10 this makes for a good meal.

Have a Nice Day Falafel
The Have a Nice Day Falafel delivers great quality with good value.

Tomato Bisque:

This is a nice, quite smooth vegan soup option. The flavour is good, and the bits of onion sprinkled on top add a nice little crunch added a nice little crunch. At $7.00 this makes a nice light lunch. On the whole Have a Nice Day makes a real effort to offer Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten-Free options.

Have a Nice Day Vegan Tomato Bisque.
Good Vegan Tomato Bisque.

Maxi Fries:

This is the first item where I have a little bit of a reservation. The dish delivers on taste, and at $5.00 makes for a good, filling side. However, The Pico de Gallo is quite cold when placed on top of the tater tots leaving the whole of the dish on the cool to lukewarm side. It would be better if they could warm the Pico de Gallo somewhat before adding it to the rest of the dish.

Have a Nice Day tots
Hard to get a clear picture but the tater tots bring a lot of flavours together.

Doggy Dog:

The hot dog in the doggy dog  is one of the best tasting that I’ve tried. It is extremely well cooked. I also appreciate the number and amount of toppings that come with the dog. However, if you want to upscale a hot dog you should upscale the bun as well. Perhaps there is a nostalgia at work with the Wonder Bread style bun, but it does nothing for the flavour. $6.00

Hot dog at Have a Nice Day.
Have a Nice Day hot dog.

Fried Chicken:

This is the first item I tried from Have a Nice Day, and my immediate thought was: Not at this price. While the Fried Chicken is very good, $9.00 for two small chicken drumsticks and a few paper thin slices of cucumber isn’t worth the price. At the very least, the two pieces should consist of a thigh and drumstick.

Fried Chicken from Have a Nice Day.
Have a Nice Day’s Fried Chicken

Or perhaps, in the fusion spirit that is notable at Have a Nice Day, pair it with an Asian Slaw. Or, go full on nostalgic and do an updated take on KFC luminescent Cole Slaw.
The service is friendly and the food is served in good time. Although Have a Nice Day only carries canned drinks, it’s easy to step across to the Goodwill counter and order a coffee beverage or one of their several beer choices.
I’m definitely going to be back. There are a couple of items on the menu that have yet to debut, which I wish to try. Have a Nice Day definitely makes The Goodwill Social Club even more a place worth visiting. Just be careful on what you order if you want to get full value for that visit.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.