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Harrisons Coffeehouses, Coffee Roaster

Harrisons Coffeehouses and Coffee Roaster is a newish entry into the Winnipeg coffee scene. There are three locations in the city. One at The Forks, one on Waterfront Drive, and one at the Outlet Collection. My visits have all been to The Forks location. In addition to the three coffeehouses, they also have a roastery at The Forks.

Harrisons Affogato
With the temperatures the way they are, the Affogato from Harrisons makes for a good, cool treat.
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Winnipeg Hot Sauces for a Time of Self-Isolation.

One thing that has changed for me during the pandemic, is how infrequently I get to The Forks. Typically I would be there two or three times a week. Now, during Covid, it’s often only two or three times a month. As a result, Harrisons was open for quite a while in the Johnson Terminal before I noticed it. Truth be told, I didn’t even know Espresso Junction had closed. 

Harrisons for Home

The first time I popped by, it was close to the end of the day. So, instead of ordering a beverage, I simply picked up one of their bags of beans. This version is called 18, and is a blend of beans from Mexico, Indonesia, and Ethiopia. I’ve been using this as my morning cup of coffee at home, and I find it a really easy-drinking coffee. 

Harrisons beans
Harrisons 18 blend of coffee beans.

Lunch Stop

On my second visit, I decide to take a look at their cooler, to see what food offerings are available. There is a good selection of baked goods, and I noticed a couple of sandwiches. The ones that were wrapped were honey ham and cheese. I grabbed one of those. Since I was quite warm I chose an Affogato, espresso with ice cream, for my beverage.

Ham sandwich
A sweet and hearty ham sandwich.

The ham is from a honey ham nugget, with swiss cheese, red onion, and honey mustard, which I believe was by Smak Dab.  Although I prefer ham from off the bone, I like this choice. You’re guaranteed to get ham in every bite, and it doesn’t fall out of the sandwich. This sandwich alone made for a good lunch. 

I posted the Affogato at the top of this post. One of the things I really like about Harrisons is that they are big on using local suppliers and products. The ice cream in the Affogato is from Chaeban. Harrisons uses the Salty Carl flavour ice cream, and the result is a rich, sweet Affogato, with just a touch of salt to balance out the espresso

Sweet Treats at Harrisons

My third visit was an early afternoon trip. This time, rather than sitting at one of the tables by the window, I decided to go and sit under the canopy. If you can find a spot out of the sun, it’s reasonably cool.

Harrisons offering energy bars.
An apple-cinnamon bar by Cranked Energy.

My first sweet choice was an apple and cinnamon energy bar, by Cranked Energy, a Winnipeg company. I liked this bar a lot. The cinnamon stood out but didn’t overwhelm. I also found that it was filling without being heavy.

Nanaimo Bar
A large piece of Nanaimo Bar from Harrisons.

I also picked up a Nanaimo Bar. The pieces in the showcase cooler are scored down the middle and I wondered if they would be cut in half before being served. However, they serve the whole thing. This one piece of Nanaimo bar could easily make a satisfying serving for two. 

I had noticed a butter tart in the case. I didn’t give it a try, but they get them from Hildegard’s. Hildegard’s butter tart is number 2 on my list of Winnipeg Butter Tarts.

A sweet and creamy latte.

For my drink, to go along with the sweet treats, I chose a latte. Like the treats, the latte is on the sweet side. So lattes tend to emphasize the coffee, and some emphasize the milk. this one emphasizes the milk. Very enjoyable.

Harrisons Philosophy

If you visit their website or their Facebook page, you’ll see that Harrisons places a lot of emphasis on kindness. My interactions were rather short, so I didn’t really see how this gets played out. However, the service on each occasion was friendly, and competent. I’ll definitely be heading back to Harrisons when I visit The Forks. 

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.