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Greenish Cafe – Downtown Skywalk System

The rainy weather over the last few weeks has forced me inside more on the occasions that I am out walking. When I’m downtown this means traveling through the Skywalk system. Roughly halfway between Cityplace and Portage Place, lies Greenish Cafe, a Sushi and Salad place. There has been a sushi restaurant there for quite a few years, but I’ve never really been tempted to go in. However, over the last few months there has been a renovating of the space, and Greenish (nb the website only has phone number and email on it, so far) has emerged.

Greenish Cafe Americano
The Greenish Cafe Americano
SM UPTOWN CDO (Northwing ASRM Walk,...
SM UPTOWN CDO (Northwing ASRM Walk, Lunch and some coffee)

One aspect of Greenish that caught my attention before I went in is that they have a sign advertising their coffee prices, which include a $2.00 Americano. I thought it would be worth my while to visit the place just to give the Americano a go.
A couple of other factors made me want to stop in at Greenish. One is it’s proximity to Coffee Depot, which I enjoy from time to time, and the other is that it made me think of Sushi June in the Cityplace food court that offers some really good food.
The first thing I noticed when I entered the Greenish location is that it looks more comfortable than it did before. There is a nice bench running the length of one wall, and the the tables and chairs are quite pleasant as well. the renovation has also left the place feeling more cosy as well.
On my first visit I was given a menu and took a seat at the back of the cafe. That was the only spot that I could plug in my Chromebook, as the battery was running low. I looked the menu over and decided that I wasn’t really in the mood for sushi, so I would give one of the entrees a try. I settled on the Peanut Chicken Teriyaki Noodle. I had consumed a fair bit of coffee already that day, so I simply went with water to drink.
The service at Greenish is very friendly, and concerned with whether or not your experience is satisfactory. I was fortunate that I went in early, so there wasn’t a lot of traffic at the time. My order came in good time.

Greenish Cafe salad
Chicken Teriyaki with house made salad.

When I was received my food, there were two things that stood out. First, the order came with a portion of the house salad, This wasn’t advertised on the menu. The second, and the more important of the two was the quality of the food.
I really enjoyed the Teriyaki. The best part of it in my books, was the fact that the sauce itself wasn’t very thick. A lot of Teriyaki sauces are really cloying in their consistency while this one contained all the Teriyaki flavour but with a light and not overly sweet character to it.
The salad was one of the more enjoyable salads I’ve had eating out in quite a while. The crunch of the pecans was welcome. The currants add a nice touch of sweetness, and the French Vinaigrette added a nice vinegary counterpoint to the sweetness of the other ingredients. If you are in the mood for a light lunch, the full version of this salad would work quite nicely.

Greenish Cafe Sushi

On my second visit, I wasn’t in the hungriest of moods, so I simply ordered to of the sushi rolls. The photos didn’t turn out quite as well as I had hoped, so I only have pictures of one of them.

Greenish Cafe
The Blowtorch Eel Roll.

The rolls run from about $5.00 to about $6.50. Each of them comes as the picture shows with eight pieces of sushi. Both the Blowtorch Eel and the Bakudan were fresh. The eel didn’t really stand out flavour wise, but the spicy was spicy.
This time around I decided that I was going to give the Americano a try. While not an outstanding Americano, it was reasonably strong, and at only $2.00 you can’t go wrong buying one.


I have to admit, there is a part of me that has trouble using the word Greenish in association with food, Swedish restaurants not withstanding. However, it’s clear that Eui jun cha, is making reference to freshness in the food.
As I was enjoying my second meal, I looked over and noticed some of the signs posted on the wall. One of them read that Greenish offered breakfast. They refer to it as a classic breakfast and it’s available for $4.99. They open at 8 am, so that gave me enough time to go for breakfast and still get into St. Philip’s at a reasonable time.

I was a little surprised that the breakfast arrived without potatoes, but otherwise there were four strips of bacon along with the scrambled eggs, and a bagel. The bacon is a quite tasty maple smoked bacon, and the flavour of the scrambled eggs clearly benefitted from having a little bit of butter added to it.

Greenish Cafe breakfast
A lighter breakfast served at Greenish Cafe. There’s plenty of jam for your bagel. Cream cheese is also available if you want it.

This time around I went with a regular drip coffee. This was also quite good. Better than a lot of coffee you get with restaurant breakfasts.

Spicy Ramen:

Normally I make two visits to a restaurant before I review it. However, today I made my fourth visit to Greenish. The main reason for this is that every time I visit I see something on the menu that I really want to try. So far, everything I have tried has been really good. Plus, with their prices four visits hasn’t cost me a lot more than two visits to many other restaurants.

Greenish Cafe ramen
The Spicy Ramen from Greenish Cafe. The spice comes through quite nicely.


Greenish Cafe beet dish
Crunchy beet side dish.


Greenish Cafe Kimchi
The Vegan White Kimchi. Pleasant, but I prefer the spicy version.

The last time I visited, I saw the Spicy Ramen on the menu as I was leaving and wanted to get back and give it a try. The Ramen is only $8.99. It’s not the biggest of bowls, but it’s still quite a good serving. Another thing about the serving is that it  is a bowlful. At some places the bowl has been quite big, but only about 2/3 to 3/4s full. The egg wasn’t as well cooked as some I’ve had, but otherwise the flavours are rich and it delivers on the spice leaving you with a nice buzz in your mouth when you are finished.
In addition to being quick and efficient, the staff is very friendly and genuinely glad to see you when you arrive. I’m definitely going to be back again if for no other reason than I have yet to try the Beef Bulgogi, one of of my favourite dishes. Make a point of stopping in at Greenish if you find yourself in the skywalk and are in search of good food.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.