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Greektown Food Truck

One of the best parts of all the food trucks in Winnipeg is that you can get a wide variety of foods. For me Greek food is one of the first non-British foods that I can remember eating on a regular basis. The first would be Indian. When we first moved to Winnipeg my dad worked on Ellice Avenue just down from Homer’s. I miss the old Greek restaurant that was in City Place. So, I was glad when Greektown opened up on the street.

Greek town

My first visit to Greektown was during last year’s Food Truck Wars. That time I only tried their baklava. As the season came to an end, I got to pay them another a visit where I tried the Avgolemono soup. With the truck being one of the last to leave the street last year, I expected they would be one of the first ones out this year. It took awhile, but they are once again out and selling.


The prices at Greektown are generally in the $4.00-$10.00 range per item. I found the gyro at $9.00 to be a better value than the $4.00 I paid for the roasted lemon potatoes. The soup at $5.00 was the best value among the items, while the $5.00 for the baklava was not a bad deal. 4/5

Greektwon potatoes
A rather small portion of potatoes from Greektown


Greektown offers a foods selection of items. They rotate through their soup choices. There are multiple salad choices as well as traditional Greek dishes like Spanikopita and Moussaka. These are all in addition to the dishes that I have listed above. 5/5


I found the quality to be pretty good if a little uneven. Not only was the potato portion a little on the small side, but they were overcooked and although there was lemon, there were no herbs to speak of. The Avgolemono soup on the other hand was very good. The gyros and the baklava both had good flavours, and there was a good density to the baklava. 4.25/5


Here’s another place where Greektown does well. I ordered the potatoes and gyros together. I was given a reclosable container that enabled me to easily carry both. The baklava came in a good tray, and the soup came in a container with lid as well. 5/5


This is my least favourite part of Greektown. The owner stands out in front of the truck and is very aggressive in his approach to customers. This may just be me, but I prefer to be able to look over a truck and it’s products without having someone in my face the whole time. As for the product itself, every time I have been, I have received my order quickly and efficiently without anything missing. 3.5/5

Greektown Overall:

I’ve generally enjoyed the food I’ve had here. I find that while it’s reasonable value, there are other places I would prefer. I’m hoping to release my initial 2015 power rankings soon, and I think Greektown would be in the middle, or slightly below. However, if you’ve read the rankings, you know that still makes it a place worth trying. 4/5

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.