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Good Will Social Club – Karaoke

Yesterday being Canada Day, I went out wandering. Most of my wanderings followed a familiar pattern. I started off with a coffee at the Second Cup on Edmonton and Graham as I headed to The Forks. Then, throughout the day I made a couple of loops of the Forks and then did a couple of loops of Osborne Village. This is pretty typical for me on Canada Day. This year though was slightly different as I wound up at The Good Will Social Club to end the day.

Goodwill Social Club Pizza
Pizza slices from Little Pizza Heaven at Goodwill Social Club
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Things To Do In Port Perry On A Day Trip From Toronto

That’s the main thing I want to write about, but there were some other Canada Day highlights. First, I stopped at the Walleye Wagon, as well as Pop Cart and Slushie King. It ended up being a rather sugary Canada Day. The highlights of the day were back to back performances under The Forks Canopy by The Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra, and Sweet Alibi. The Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra was a nice coda to doing Jazz Fest, while I was listening to Sweet Alibi live for the first time since they sang at a friends’s wedding a couple of years back.

Back then, Sweet Alibi was only a trio. Since then they have added a backing band. This has given them a bigger sound. However, the tight vocal harmonies are still at the core of what the group does. Take them in if you ever get a chance.

Good Will and Karaoke:

The Good Will Social Club is located on Portage Avenue in the site that most recently held Pop Soda’s Coffeehouse and Gallery. I had been at Pop Soda’s a couple of times and really enjoyed it, but things just didn’t work out for them. On the other hand, my stops at Good Will up to this point have only been to grab a coffee.
I wasn’t planning on visiting yesterday. However, as I was walking home on Sherbrook, I got to Portage Avenue  and there seemed to be people sitting on their patio. I decided to take a look and go for a nightcap coffee. As I got to the entrance I noticed there was a sign advertising Karaoke. I really enjoy Karaoke, so I decided I would stay and check it out.
In addition to Karaoke, The Good Will is home to a lot of live shows. One which I plan on checking out when they begin again in September is the Big Dig Jazz Band. They will be performing every third Thursday. Below is a clip of them from the recent Jazz Fest.
I had a bit of time before the Karaoke started. I went over to the little area that contains a TV and an assortment of video tapes. The TV was playing the days sports highlights so I watched those for a bit. Then I noticed a book on Jazz and picked that to do a little reading.

Goodwill Social Club reading material.
The Rough Guide to Jazz. Reading material at That Goodwill Social Club

As Karaoke time approached I decided to order a couple of slices of pizza from the Little Pizza Heaven counter which is the main food provider for the club. The other supplier to the club is Tall Grass Prairie that sends in pastries which you can enjoy with your coffee. If you want something stronger to drink, The Goodwill Social Club also features a full bar.
Having gotten my food I settled in for a couple of fun hours listening to and singing Karaoke. If you are interested at all in my set list it is as follows:
Neil Sedaka – Breaking up is Hard to Do
Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues
Ray Charles – You Don’t Know Me
Bobby Darin – Mack the Knife

By Donald McKenzie

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