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Georges Burgers-Submarines, McPhillips

Today’s review has a bit of a connection to my past. One of my former places of employment was Watt Street Foods on the corner of Watt and Kimberley. Over the years we provided the hamburger meat for several Georges Burgers and Submarines, including the one on McPhllip’s. Recently I found myself traveling up McPhillip’s on a couple of occasions and decided to stop in and give George’s a try.

Georges Burger & Submarines burger
The basic burger from Georges Burgers & Submarines.

Located in a strip mall, the restaurant is long and skinny. One side is given over to the kitchen, and there is a series of tables along the other wall, and out front. The decor could be best described as patchwork. There are a couple of Titanic related posters, an Elvis, Soft Drink Models, Greek Football(soccer) teams, and a few personal photos scattered all over the walls. There’s a picture for every mood.

Friendly Service, Good Burgers

My first visit there were a few customers, but I didn’t have to wait long at all at the counter. I was wanting something light, so I chose the plain burger(above), along with a salad.
The burger was quite good. The meat is well seasoned and there is a good burger to bun ratio. I was surprised that there wasn’t more chili, but I kind of liked that, as the burger wasn’t sloppy. The salad was large with a good mixture of lettuce and other vegetables.

Georges Submarine

Given that the name of the place is Georges Burgers and Submarines, I decided to give one of the Subs a try on my second visit.

George's Submarine
The sub made for a generously sized and tasty meal.

The subs don’t come with any sides, so I decided I would go for the most deluxe sub on the menu, and I wasn’t disappointed.  The bread was fresh and was good and crusty. The tomato slices were reasonably thick and they covered one end of the sub to the other. There was also plenty of lettuce and onion. Best of all, the meat, which is the star of the sandwich was piled high. Easily double the amount you would get in a Subway footlong.

I walked away on both occasions feeling that I had received the meal that I was hoping for. Light when I wanted light, and substantial when I wanted substantial. I didn’t order any of the fries when I was there, but the portions on them are huge, or yuge as a certain public official likes to say. It’s worthwhile stopping by Georges Burger and Submarine is you are looking for a quick, filling and frugal meal out.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.