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Fried Chicken Fest – Weekend One

I’ve written before about LeBurgerWeek. A week dedicated to restaurants offering a new take on the classic burger. Last weekend marks the beginning of Fried Chicken Fest, a similar week with the focus on Fried Chicken.

Fried Chicken Fest entry
The Fried Chicken Fest entry from Yard Burger.
Little Bones Chicken Wings
Little Bones Chicken Wings

As with everything else over the last 10 months, Covid has put a bit of a crimp into the festivities. One of the hopes of the organizers, is that Fried Chicken Fest will provide a boost to a restaurant industry that is really struggling right now. 

If my count is correct there are 44 entries into the festival this year. Surprising as it may seem, I will not be trying all of them. One reason is that as a bus traveler, many of the restaurants are beyond my range for pickup. Also, my wallet cannot manage 44 chicken dishes in 9 days. It might even be a bit of a push for my stomach.

Fried Chicken Fest Meals

I did, over the first weekend manage to try three of the different fried chicken dishes. I am going to talk about them below. They are listed in the order I tried them. I will late until later in the week, to actually rank all the various dishes I tried. 

1.) The Goober from Yard Burger

The Goober is the chicken burger shown in the photo at the top of this post. It is produced by Yard Burger, one of the restaurants operating out of the Hargrave Street Market.  This is the description of the burger.

Our Fried Chicken Week Contender – Our buttermilk fried chicken thigh on a Martin’s potato bun, with peanut butter, pickled jalapeno, a fried egg, bacon, smoked gouda, blueberry and serrano jam and arugula.

This is one very delicious burger. The chicken is very crispy on the outside, and the meat itself is really moist. It is loaded with bacon, which if you read the blog regularly is my favourite meat choice. The jalapeños provide a nice buzz, but they are not overly hot.  I really enjoyed this burger.

Hot Chicken Sandwich from The Local 

It is a little hit and miss trying to connect with restaurant openings. My Sunday is spent at Holy Trinity overseeing the broadcast of our church service. So, since The Local is just across a street and a laneway, it makes for a good pickup option. 

Local Hot Chicken Sandwich
The Hot Chicken Sandwich from The Local.

If you read the description, you might think this is a rather simple and plain burger:

Nashville-style spicy fried chicken, lettuce, pickles & mayonnaise between a soft Brioche bun & served with fries

However, those ingredients deliver a whole lot of flavour, and a good amount of heat. Just like the Goober burger this sandwich is crunchy on the outside and moist and tender on the inside. Another burger that you can not go wrong with. 

Crispy Korean Chicken Sandwich by P. F. Chang’s

Fried Chicken Fest Korean Fried Chicken
Crispy Korean Chicken Sandwich. Tasty all by itself.

I have tried delivery from P. F. Chang’s a couple of times recently, so before I write my review, I thought I would give their Fried Chicken Fest entry a go. This is the description of the dish.:

Crispy Korean Chicken Sandwich: This quality chicken sandwich has a crispy outside with a juicy tender center. The Gochujang Mayo and Korean Slaw are what give this classic dish our signature style and flavour while the Korean slaw adds the perfect amount of crunch and texture.

Unfortunately, I did not pay enough attention to that description. The sandwich is delivered with the mayo and slaw on the side. So, I just ate the burger as is, without the condiments. 

I am not complaining. the slaw makes for a nice spicy and vinegary finish after the burger. As for the mayo, I ate it with the fries. A great improvement on ketchup. 

As for the sandwich itself, it is now three for three in the crunchy exterior, moist and meaty interior. Definitely any of these three burgers are worth picking up and making a meal of. 

That is it from Fried Chicken Fest for now. More as the week progresses. 

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.