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Freshii – Kenaston Village Mall

Freshii is a new fast/fresh food restaurant that has taken the restaurant biz by storm. Freshii has Winnipeg connections at it’s root, so it was only a matter of time before they showed up here.

Freshii Chicken soup
Soicy Chcken soup form Freshii on Kenaston

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was working my way through a book by Lizzie Collingham called The Taste of War. I haven’t gotten around to doing my write up on it, but I did receive the chance to do a brief lecture which I entitled Citizenship and the Calorie. This lecture was for a course entitled Citizenship, Land, and Economy. The course is offered at Canadian Mennonite University and is taught by my friend James Magnus-Johnston.
The class started at six, so I decided I would stop at Kenaston and Grant and see what was available for a quick and easy supper. Having heard a fair bit about Freshii, and figuring that it might be my quickest choice, I decided to pay it a visit.


Walking into Freshii, it looks like any other fast food restaurant. The thing that distinguishes it is the fact that there are signs advertising juice cleanses as part of what the chain offers. I didn’t make an attempt to try any of them. I did order a juice as part of my meal. I chose the Red Power choose as it contains both beets and ginger, which are among my flavour favourites. As one might expect from a chain restaurant, trying to appeal to a mass, undifferentiated audience, the ginger in the beverage was somewhat muted, but it was still pleasant overall.
For my other item I went with the Buddha Satay Bowl. I liked that it came with a good mix of vegetables along with plenty of noodles. The only drawback to the dish is that the vegetables are quite cold when added to the dish which made every thing lukewarm. Apart from that, the flavours were quite good.

Freshii Lunch

I went back a few days later for lunch. Both times I went, the place was reasonably busy, but both times I received good service and my order was prepared promptly. This time for a beverage I picked The PowerHouse Smoothie. When I received it, it looked like it might be a little on the thin side, but it had a good consistency. The mint, in particular, added a real refreshing quality to the smoothie.
The other dish I picked was the Spicy Lemongrass. The broth was rich, and the tomatoes added a nice bit of acidity, but it was in no ways hot. There was no burn on the lips or in the mouth, nor was there any effect on the sinuses. Still, it was full of vegetables and noodles with a nice helping of beef.
If you wish to attempt a juice cleanse, Freshii provides information along with product. It just doesn’t appeal to me. I prefer my calories in solid form. Freshii definitely offers a fresh alternative to most fast food places. There is one other thing I don’t like. There is salt at the takeout counter. There is none at the tables, only pepper. Let me make my own health judgments. Don’t impose yours.
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