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Frescolio: Chicken, Oils, Wine

Last Monday I attended a tasting event at Frescolio Oils on St. Mary’s Road. The event was put on by the Manitoba Chicken Producers. I recommend you follow their Facebook  page to keep informed about great contest ideas, along with recipes etc. I almost didn’t make it. Being a typical male I didn’t pay attention to the directions and ended up at the Frecolio location on Corydon. Luckily, I arrived quite early and rerouted down to St. Mary’s to get there just as the festivities started to get rolling.

Herbes de Provence Frescolio EVOO
I picked up an Herbes de Provence EVOO while at the event.
Enjoying a wonderful lunch at Louis...
Enjoying a wonderful lunch at Louisvale

Along with Manitoba Chicken producers and Frescolio, the event featured wines from Poplar Grove Winery. This is my second time sampling there wines. They also provided the wine at the Underground Opera event I attended a few weeks ago.
Unfortunately my phone camera was acting up. This means I didn’t get all the photos of every item. This is unfortunate, as chef Kelly Cattani working with Shawn Brandson of Promenade Cafe and Wine came up with three innovative dishes for the evening.

Frescolio Tastings

Along with the chicken dishes and wines, we also tasted many of the Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOOs) and Balsamic Vinegars that are at the heart of Frescolio’s stock in trade. I didn’t make a count of how many of each are on the shelves, but suffice to stay you will never run out of potential pairings.
Of the balsamic vinegars I tasted a few stood out. The Espresso flavoured one was definitely my favourite. I really enjoyed the Dark Chocolate as well. The Blueberry also was on my top of the list.

Fresco Blood orange
Dark Chocolate and blood orange.

On the Evoo side, The Chipotle has a strong, smoky flavour I really liked. The Red Cayenne has plenty of bite to it. One that works really well in combination is the Blood Orange Evoo mixed with the Dark Chocolate Balsamic.
Before I left that evening I picked up a bottle of the Herbe de Provence. I use it in my Potato Salad Aux Glorieux, and with hockey season coming up, I think it’s time to make it again.

Chicken and Wine

I also, unfortunately, do not have all the food descriptions. Our first chicken dish was Moroccan Chicken with Quinoa with a Lemon Infused Evoo. This was a really delightful dish with the chicken being very moist and flavourful. The wine was a Viognier. I’m not much of a white wine drinker, so it didn’t really strike my fancy.
The second course was a Chicken Pate with Chanterelle Mushroooms. this was served on a crustini along with potato, crisp chicken skin and a Sage Evoo. The wine for this one was Chardonnay. Another white, however nicely chilled and quite likeable.

chicken pate e1500327716214
Chicken Pate
riesling e1500327737988
A riesling

The final course was a Chicken Sausage wrapped in Corn Bread. The sausage itself included cranberries, and it was served on top of plum, ginger, coconut, cocoa, and Dark Chocolate Balsamic. The sort of things to make you want to lick the plate clean. This dish was paired with a Syrah. Syrah’s are one of my favourite wines and I very much enjoyed this one.
As always at such events the best part of the evening is renewing acquaintances and meeting new people. In the latter category I’m glad I finally got to meet Loren Findlay. We’ve connected online, but this was a first time meeting in person. I hope we meet again soon.  To all my other food friends it was, as ever, a delight encountering you. Once again thanks to Karen from Manitoba Chicken, Susie from Sparker Strategies, Honoure from Poplar Grove Wines, and I’m afraid, I missed the name, but all the people from Frescolio who were so very helpful. It was a great evening.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.