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Food and the Fringe Festival

While there is often talk about how Winnipeg is behind the times when it comes to portable food offerings, particularly food trucks, the change is coming to the city, and you really start to notice it when events such as the Fringe Festival are on.  It wasn’t that long ago when the India Palace tent and the odd hot dog cart were the only options available when you went to the outdoor stage at the Fringe. The marriage of food and the Fringe Festival makes the whole festival a more enjoyable experience.

The Awning on The Free Press News Cafe, just on the edge of the Fringe Festival Site.
Awning sign

Sign in front of News Cafe
The Free Press News Cafe isnt what it started out to be, but its still a good place to pop in to lunch.

This has built up a little bit over time, and now, when we fast forward to this year’s Fringe there are several options for eating on the go.  To be fair, the Exchange has a lot of eat in options, but you have to hope you get prompt service, whereas with the outdoor alternatives you simply judge the length of the lineup.
Wednesday evening featured both the Stuff-it and the Little Bones trucks along with the Nucci’s Gelato truck, a Stella’s tent, Kettle Corn and Lemonade, Mini Donuts, and of course India Palace.  It’s interesting to note that India Palace has been moved to the hardest to reach corner of the Fringe site.  This I feel is a compliment to the India Palace, because no matter where it ends up on the Fringe site, people will go to look for it.

India Palace Banner
No matter where they end up on the festival site people will seek out India Palace.

On a personal taste note, I would be quite happy if the lemonade stand disappeared and Stella’s was given enough space to prepare and serve up their house made lemonade, which I consider the best lemonade available at a Winnipeg dining establishment.
All these food places are a good thing, because they help to remind us that festivals are at their root occasions for feasting.
Below are some pictures of the food sites:

Gramma's Kettle Korn tent at the Fringe Festival
They weren’t open when I went by. Perhaps Gramma was insisting everyone eat lunch before they had their kettle corn.

I know Mini Donuts are ubiquitous at events such as the Fringe Festival, but they don't do anything for me.
I know people go crazy for them, but I don’t get why.

Fringe Festival offerings from the Falafel Place.
The Falafel Place menu. If only Ami were part of the show.

for a Fringe Festival, try the Stella's Lemonade
A little bakery goodness added to the Fringe.

While at the Fringe Festival, stick with the Stella's lemonade
Another lemonade stand.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.