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Espresso Junction – Johnston Terminal

Espresso Junction is now closed. It’s place has been taken by Harrisons.

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Better than the NC500?! | Top Sights on the North East 250

Earlier this year, when I started working the Norwood area, I was glad to find Finales nearby. Sadly, Finales has had to close. This means I am without a good quality coffee shop nearby the church. For those who wonder, neither McD’s or the place named for that hockey player qualify. I will occasionally go to Cafe Postal, but it’s quite a hike. For now, heading off to Espresso Junction at The Forks is the next best thing.

Espresso Junction sign
The sign outside Espresso Junction

There are two specialty coffee shops at The Forks.  The Human Bean in the main market area(now at Cityplace), and Espresso Junction in the Johnston Terminal.  Both are locally owned and operated businesses, which is something I look for when choosing a coffee shop. While I do occasionally visit the Human Bean I prefer Espresso Junction.  Firstly, I think that the coffee they serve is of a better quality.  Secondly, I find that it is easier to relax at the tables which they have that look outside the windows of the Johnston Terminal.

Espresso Junction Visits:

My most recent purchase was their Caramello.  A caramel cappuccino drink.  I liked the fact that neither the caramel flavouring of the drink nor the sweetness were overwhelming. The cappuccino had a real smooth quality to it as well.

Espresso Junction caramello
The Caramello from Espresso Junctions

My typical purchase from Espresso Junction is their extra large Dark Roast coffee.  This runs at $2.25 tax included. This is the same size as the Starbucks grande, but being tax inclusive makes it a slightly better deal. They also make a quite good Americano.  It’s not quite up to the level of Parlour or Cafe Postal, but it’s still pretty good.  Plus, if you wander over to The Forks on a chilly day, the hot chocolate makes a good warm up.
If you’re looking for something to munch on the edibles are pretty much standard coffee shop fare.  A mix of squares, with the odd biscotti and cookie thrown in.  I do quite like their mountain cookie.  This is a chocolate chip cookie.  Much like the Caramello, it’s not to sweet.  Plus, it has a real good soft and chewy texture to it.

Espresso Junction Mountain Cookie.
The very pleasant Mountain Cookie.

In addition to assorted coffee beverages, Espresso Junction has a wide range of teas to choose from.  They also have slush machines, cold beverages in a bottle, and you can even get ice cream if you are in the mood.
I’ve always found the service to be reasonably friendly and efficient. Although if it is busy at The Forks you can find yourself with a bit of a wait as occasionally they are a bit understaffed. Updated: The more I visit, and the more I’ve had the opportunity to observe the staff in action, the happier I am with the service. Not just the service I receive, but for all customers.
One other thing, as Weird Al has reminded us this week.  It’s Espresso, not Expresso. Please drink responsibly and don’t commit any Word Crimes.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.