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Eden’s Taste-Meal Delivery Service.

Eden’s Taste is a new meal delivery service. As far as I can tell, it is only available in Winnipeg. A few months ago I tried Hello Fresh. Unlike Hello Fresh, the meals from Eden’s Taste come ready made.

Edens Fresh Goat Terracotta
The Goat Terracotta is my favourite of the dishes I ordered.

Eden’s Taste Dinners

Winnipeg Hot Sauces for a Time of S...
Winnipeg Hot Sauces for a Time of Self-Isolation.

As you can see from the above pictures the meals are delivered in containers similar to some frozen entrees. A couple of things to note. These meals arrive fresh. When I received my first delivery, the dishes were all refrigerator cold.  The second thing to note is that the containers are quite deep, and full. Generally speaking with frozen entrees, they are not filled anywhere near to the top.

They are designed to  be kept in the fridge for three days, but can be frozen and kept for about three week. I ended up with two weeks worth of dinners(more on that later) and along with being placed in recyclable containers, Eden’s Taste seems to be making a good effort to use as little plastic as possible.

Butter Chicken from Eden's Taste
The Butter Chicken from Eden’s Taste. This one was a little shy on the rice, but the other seven had a good portion of rice along with the main.

Eden’s Taste has two menus to choose from. The first is their classic menu, and the second is a low-carb, keto, low-fat one. I went with the classic menu. the bulk of the dishes on this menu are Indian in origin. I like this as I am a big fan of Indian food. My order was for four meals. One plus of this system is that it is well designed for single people, all the dishes are single portion. On the other hand, this also works for couples and families is that you can order each person their favourite dish.

There is a small discount for larger orders on places like HelloFresh, but there is no work with Eden’s Taste and you’re not stuck preparing something for someone else. In fact Eden’s Taste is much like getting a ready meal from Supper Central, but you pay $5.00 for the convenience of delivery.

For my four meals I chose:  Butter Chicken, Goat Terracotta, Chili Chicken, and Paneer Butter Masala. I noticed when I ordered that all the dishes were mildly spiced. I emailed the company to see if I could get the meals in  a very spicy format. They said that was no problem.

Food is Great, Subscription needs Work

So, as I mention earlier, I ended up with two orders of the same meals. On the one hand this is good, because I really enjoyed all four of the meals that I received. There was no problem eating them again for a second week in a row. The Goat Terracotta is the stand out in my mind. Both the spiciest and with plenty of tender goat. I also really liked the Chili Chicken. When I wrote about Bayleaf Bistro I noted that their chili chicken tended to be mushy. Not with this one. There wasn’t too much sauce and the pieces of chicken has a bit of crispiness to them even with the sauce.

Edens Taste Chili Chicken
Eden’s Taste Chili Chicken.

On the other hand, the reason I got two orders, is that my first order was delivered on the Monday, and the second order was debited to my bank account on the Tuesday. The website says I can change my order up until Friday before the Monday delivery date. That’s good, but taking the money out of my account for the next order, the day after I received my first order doesn’t leave me with enough time to judge whether or not I like what I order.

Having said that, the price for these meals is pretty good. Even with a five dollar delivery charged, these four portions worked out to $11.25 per portion. You can get a better price if you order four meals at four portions each from HelloFresh, but it’s only $.25 per portion better. This means you are paying about $.25 extra per order to have all the work, aside from reheating, done for you. Not a bad trade-off in my books.

One thing I would like to see with Eden’s Taste is more vegetables in their orders. Each of them have a bit, but on the whole there is not a lot in their classic dishes. That which is there is well prepared. They are not crispy, but they are not mushy either. I think I’m going to wait awhile to see how this company develops, but I think there is potential for this to be a great service for Winnipeg.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.