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Dwarf No Cachette

Dwarf No Cachette Cafe and Gift is located on Provencher in the building that once housed Step N Out. I only went to Step N Out once, but I enjoyed the food, along with the cramped, kitschy interior.  Dwarf No Cachette has a more open feeling to it but comes with every bit as much kitsch as Step N Out ever had.

Dwarf No Cachette Onigir
The Onigiri from Dwarf No Cachette.

My first impressions on hearing about the restaurant was that it wasn’t particularly a place I would want to visit. I’m not into things such as anime and cosplay, and thought I wouldn’t like the place. However, Rob Duncan, aka Prairie Tweeter, suggested that it would be a place worth my time. I went for the first time in the late summer, early fall, but it was a bit ago, so I decided to make a couple of more visitsin the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Dwarf No Cachette Suppers

On the first of my more recent visits, I decided that I would start off with one of the soups on offer. I noticed a corn chowder on the menu that reminded me of the Dutch Corn Chowder that my mother used to serve us. I ordered that, and found that it was very similar to the one from my childhood. There were large amounts of corn, bacon, and onion in a broth that contained a sweet corn flavour. It’s not often that an item lives up to the childhood memory, but this soup did.

Dwarf Corn Chowder
The corn chowder was really good. It lived up to my childhood memories.

For my entree I went with the Pork Katsu Don Rice Bowl. This came with a large serving of breaded pork. The pork was very tender, while the breading was crisp without being thick. The sticky rice and a rich gravy with chunks of carrots made this a very satisfying dish. As an added bonus there was a Christmas greeting spelled out in sweet sauce, with a little Christmas tree made out of mayonnaise.

Dwarf No Cachette Pork
The pork Katsu was very flavourful, and the seasonal wishes add a nice touch to the service.

I’m not a big dessert eater, but I decided to go with Black Sesame Dango. I really like the flavour the black sesame brings. This dessert was a good mix of sweet and savoury. I finished off the meal with a pot of ginger-peach tea.

Ginger Peach Tea
The ginger peach tea from Dwarf No Cachette. This is one of the times where my camera added some sort of blue filter.

Having had a full meal on that visit during my next trip to Dwarf No Cachette I decided to go with something a little bit lighter. For a starter I went with the Miso Onigiri. This relatively simple dish contains a rice ball with miso paste in the middle wrapped in the middle wrapped in seaweed. This is quite a pleasant starter for the meal.
I followed this up with a bowl of Ramen Soup. I ordered it with the extra egg. So the soup came with two hard boiled eggs. I found the broth a little bit saltier than I prefer, but there was plenty of flavour beyond that.

Ramen soup with chicken Katsu.
Dwarf Ramen Soup with chicken Katsu. A little salty but quite enjoyable. I ordered it with an extra egg.

Each time I have gone, I’ve been happy with the service. The last time, as it was close to Christmas close up there were one or two items they were out of, but there is enough on the menu that I could easily find something else to choose. Water is refilled regularly(I drink a lot of water, so this is important to me).
I didn’t take the time to check out any of the anime or maid themed evenings. There is plenty of good reason to visit Dwarf No Cachette for the food alone. However, you can find out about these other activities on their website. Musically be prepared for a lot of Disney songs and during Christmas 50’s pop Christmas tunes.
Dwarf No Cachette is a good restaurant to visit whether your are into Japanese pop culture or not.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.