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Double Greeting Chinese Snack House

Double Greeting Noodle Snack House is a small, Chinese restaurant, tucked away on McDermott Avenue. This means that it’s located just west of the Winnipeg’s Historic Exchange District. On top of that, it’s a little store front stuck in between a couple of larger office buildings.

Double Greeting Hours

Mon Closed
Tue 11am – 6pm
Wed 11am – 6pm
Thu 11am – 6pm
Fri 11am – 6pm
Sat 11am – 6pm
Sun 11am – 6pm

You need to take note of the fact that Double Greeting is a cash only restaurant. Also, the washrooms are located in the basement and are not accessible.

One of the Double Greeting menu pages
The inside page of the Double Greeting menu

This is the kind of place that you can easily walk by. In fact, despite having been there a couple of times in 2018, I couldn’t remember exactly where it was when I wanted to visit. Even on Wednesday, after figuring out where on McDermott it was located, I almost walked by. Although that was in part because I was watching all the cars in the curb lane stuck in rush hour traffic. 16 cars, 17 total occupants.

Humble but Inviting

On entering the building, you are in a small foyer. Inside the restaurant you find two levels of tables. Most of the lower level tables are against your left hand side, while there are few on the right, which is mostly taken up with the front counter and the kitchen. There are a few steps up into the back dining area. The back area has a few larger tables, including one large, round table.

Lunching at Double Greeting

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I had visited the place a couple of times last year, but the gap was sufficient that I felt I needed to make a couple of more visits. The first of my recent visits was made towards the end of the lunch hour. Although it was moving towards 2 pm, the restaurant was quite full.

This ended up being the first time that I ended up sitting in the upper section of the restaurant. The tables are pretty much the same as in the lower lever, but because there is extra wood and a the ceiling is closer to the tables, I found it to be a little bit on the darker side. Not a whole lot, but enough to give a bit of different feel to the dining experience.

The menu is a small four pager, and there is also a little recipe card with four specials written on it. The back page of the menu contains the snack, and dim sum. The dim sum menu is fairly small, and currently they are out of several items. I decided I would order a meal item and a snack item.

steamed buns
Steamed Pork buns from Double Greeting Chinese Snack House.


hot sauce
The spicy dishes at Double Greeting are not always overly spiced, but the hot sauce always delivers.

Steamed Bun Snack

For my snack items I chose the Steamed Pork buns. I had tried a similar bun at Thanh Huong, and been somewhat disappointed with the quality of the bun. These were done better. Perhaps the fact that there was two smaller rather than one large bun, helped to make sure that the bun was properly cooked throughout. The pork inside was moist and tasty as well.

hungarian rice at Double Greeting
The Hungarian Beef rice seemed somewhat out of place.

Hungarian Beef

Given the oddness of the title, I figured I would order the Hungarian Beef Rice. Having tried it, I’m still not sure why it is called Hungarian Beef Rice. I suppose there may have been some paprika in it. Not so much that I noticed. Having said that, I still really enjoyed the dish and wouldn’t hesitate to order it again. The beef was really tender, and there was a good mix of vegetable in the dish.

Despite the restaurant being quite full when I entered, my order arrived quite quickly. In fact I would have actually appreciated just a little more time between the two dishes.

Early Supper at Double Greeting

Double Greeting closes at six, and so I decided I would go for an early supper. I arrived at about quarter to five, and the place was basically empty, only two or three tables in use. I hadn’t had much for lunch so I figured that I would order a couple of mains, and one snack item.

One reason I for ordering that much food, is that the portion sizes here aren’t overly large. However, the pricing is such is that the each of the dishes are a really good value.

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I started with their noodle soup. This is the most basic soup they have on the menu. It’s similar in style to the BBQ soup I ate at Thanh Huong, but in this case it’s just broth, noodles, and green onions. This soup is quite good. the noodles have decent chew to them, and the broth is quite flavourful, without being overly salty.

Double Greeting Noodle Soup
The Double Greeting noodle soup.

Singapore Noodling

For my next dish I went to the special card and ordered the Singapore Noodles. One of my favourite packaged noodle dishes is the Knorr Noodles and Sauce, Singapore Noodles. It’s one of the few package products that lives up to it’s spicy label(unfortunately it seems to have disappeared from all Winnipeg grocers).

This dish does a good job of deliver flavour, although it’s not particularly spicy(just a bit of bite). However, the dish came with half a dozen decent sized shrimps and lots of pieces of pork studded throughout the dish. Along with that there is a whole egg as well.

Double Greeting Chinese Singapore Noodles
Double Greeting makes a really good Singapore Noodle.

Double Greeting Wind Up

My final choice for the meal was the rice roll with roast pork. This is like a rice noodle canneloni, although thinner and not as fully stuffed. The roll comes on a platter with a sauce underneath it, but I didn’t eat much of the sauce. There is hot sauce on the table which is better for dipping.

rice roll
The Roast pork rice roll from Double Greeting.

The service here is quite good. You are always able to get the attention of at least one staff member if you need something that you didn’t get.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.