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Donuts, Coffee, Beer N Chips

Despite the title making it seem like I may have some sort of culinary death wish, it’s simply a description of my day Saturday. I was up early and headed out to Fools + Horses. Fool + Horses is my favourite writing spot, and I was there to chronicle my experiences on the first day of ManyFest.
As I was getting ready in the morning I checked Facebook and saw a post from my friend Kent Dueck. It seemed he was involved in some kind of truck selling mini donuts.  I hadn’t seen the truck on Friday, so as I was making my along Broadway towards Fools + Horses I kept my eyes open for the truck.
Sure enough as I walked by I saw Kent outside of the truck with a big broom and water. He was giving the truck a good washing down to make sure it was nice and bright looking for when the customers appeared.

Happy Doughnut
Caramel and Almond Mini donuts from Happy Donuts and Lemonade.

Donuts for Breakfast

I was able to get my post completed just after Manyfest opened at 11 o’clock. So, as I wandered my way down to the main Food Truck area, I stopped off at Happy Donuts and Lemonade, where Kent and Sandy were kind enough to treat me to a tray of the Caramel and Almond Donuts, as well as a taste of the single serve of the Coconut Dream and the Donutella.

Now, if you read Dining with Donald frequently, you know that I’ve never quite understood the appeal of mini-donuts. However, these gourmet creations go along way to changing my mind. I was talking with Kent and he explained to me that he had made some changes to the machinery so that the oil is at a higher temperature. My technical knowledge is such that all I really heard was blah, blah, blah, higher temperature.
I did though, hear and experience what he said afterwards. The higher oil temperature means that the donuts are neither greasy or heavy. This was true. The donuts were light, and when I finished, there were bits of caramel sauce in my container but no grease marks to speak of. I both really liked the flavour and enjoyed the fact that the donuts sit lightly on my stomach. The truck is located on Broadway, west of the main area, in where all the craft tents are. Take the time and walk down there and buy some of these donuts.

Coffee: Canadian Aeropress Championships

While I was at Fools + Horses early in the morning, I was reminded that yesterday was the Canadian Aeropress Championships. Aeropress is both a container and technique for making coffee. This post here will tell you how it works.
The championships were being held at Forth Coffee, and so it meant leaving Manyfest for a little while and heading down to the East Exchange. Although I enjoy coffee from many different shops in Winnipeg, I was there primarily to cheer on Audrey, Tyson, and Josh. These three were entered on behalf of Fools + Horses.
There were seven rounds of preliminary knockouts. Three baristas per round, one going on to the semifinals. In the semifinals there were the seven first round winners along with two regional champions, with one from each group of three going on to the finals.

Aeropress judges.
The judging panel in action.

It didn’t look great for the Fools+Horses contingent as Audrey and Tyson gave it their best efforts but were eliminated in the third and fourth knockout prelims. That left Josh as Fools + Horses last chance. He was in the fifth knockout, and won, moving him on to the semifinals. He was in the last semifinal, so it was a bit of a wait before he took the stage again. However, as the judges made their decision, Josh moved on to the Final.

Then it was a winner take all showdown. I guess you might say take almost all, but the first prize, and all expenses trip to the World Aeropress championships in Seoul, South Korea, dwarfed the other prizes. The last round was tense, but Josh Davison of Fools + Horses is your Canadian Aeropress Champion. This was particularly cool to see since I’ve known Josh since he was a toddler. His parents were also at the event and it was good to catch up with them. The video below contains a bit of footage of Josh in action.
It also features and interview with guy who roasted all the coffee for the event. Stephen McKenzie works for Dogwood Coffee in Winnipeg. He also happens to be my nephew.

Aeropress trophies
The trophies from the Aeropress competition.

International Buy A Priest A Beer Day

Yes, International Buy a Priest a Beer Day, is an actual event. It was started as a bit of a lark a few years ago, but has grown into quite a celebration. This year Elaine Sauer, Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario Synod, offered to treat any Lutheran Pastors or Anglican Priests to a beer down at The Common at The Forks.
I ended up arriving a little late after the competition. I had myself a LBJ 1919. However, I got involved in the conversation right away and forgot to take a picture.  As a result of being a little late, all the Anglican Priests were gone. However, it was a good chance to reacquaint myself with some Lutheran pastors that I had gotten to know at our joint clergy gathering earlier in the year. As well I got to meet one or two other Lutheran pastors. Thanks Bishop Elaine for the invitation, the conversation, and of course, the beer.

Wiggle Chips Back at Manyfest

By the time I left The Forks it was heading towards 7 pm. I headed back for another go at the Food Truck Wars at Manyfest. This time I got in line at the Wiggle Chips truck. As I’m writing this I noticed it was judged to be the most original winner at Manyfest. I ordered the Ruben Corn Dog and a bowl of Wiggle Chips. I didn’t get a picture of the Ruben Corn Dog, because I dug into as soon as it was in my hands. This is a great food truck idea. The flavour of a Ruben sandwich really came through, and best of all, the corn dog coating was light and well toasted. If your idea of a corn dog is a POGO, forget it, this is many times better.
The Wiggle Chips are a lot of fun too. They are sort of like chips on a stick where the stick has been removed. Each bowlful contains several strings of potato chips. They’re are good and crispy and the powdered seasoning mixes make them a good cross between potato chips and popcorn.

Wiggle Chips
A big bowlful of wiggle chips

Wiggle chips in another truck owned by Derek Collins of Poutine King. Derek is always on the lookout for new ideas to make his food truck better and more interesting, and has been a big promoter of food trucks here in Winnipeg since he opened the first Poutine King truck.
I plan on heading down for the last few hours of Manyfest. If you see around please say hello. I always like to meet people who read the blog. Also, feel free to share your thoughts on the various food trucks.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.