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Doner Delight from Iggy’s

Yesterday, I was wandering through downtown after meeting up for a quick coffee with a friend or two at Second Cup.  As I was approaching the Law Courts building I saw what appeared to be another new food truck.  I went over, and sure enough, it was.  This one is called Iggy’s Family Doner. (I realize there’s an umlaut, but it doesn’t translate well to the blog post).
Given that there was only one person in front of me, I thought that this would be a good time to place an order.  When I returned today, I was the only one at the truck.  This is the advantage to being able to go for lunch at quarter after 11.  So, here’s my observations.

The Doner Kebap from Iggy's
The Doner Kebap from Iggy’s Doner


Chocolate Yogurt Cake
Chocolate Yogurt Cake

The mains from this truck are all in the $8.00-10.00 dollar range.  The portion sizes are quite good for the dishes.  The doner kebap is well stuffed, and the doner salad was quite large, with more than just lettuce for its ingredients.  They serve a $4.00 almond croissant and a $10.00 dish of meatballs as well. They also have a $6.00 child’s portion. Drinks are $1.50 for canned, $2.50 for organic sodas.  4/5

Doner Selection:

There are only about 4 dishes on the list.  Other than the meatballs the other dishes are all a variation on the doner kebap.  The almond croissant is the only sweet item. 3.5/5

Iggy's Doner Salad
A delicious and filling salad from Iggy’s.


I had both the doner salad and the kebap.  Both of these were really good. The meat was tender, and the cabbage crunchy.  I especially like the fact that the combination of Greek yogourt, Kebap sauce. and in the case of the salad, a balsamic vinaigrette are incorporated in such a way that the flavours complement each other.  Also, in general there is just the right amount of sauce.  The almond croissant I could take or leave, but it’s a nice sweet addition if you’re in the mood. 4.5/5


The paper bag for the doner kebap is a little small, but the salad came in a good, reusable, and what appeared to be recyclable container.  I got my croissant on a plate, but could have had a bag to put it in if I was walking. 4/5


Both times I went it wasn’t very busy, but I did get my food quickly after I placed my order. The main thing being that even though it was quick, it was clearly well prepared. On top of that the service was friendly, and they appeared to be well-prepared to deal with a larger crowd. 4/5

Iggy’s Family Doner Overall

This is a real good place to stop for lunch.  The doner’s are as good as any that you’ll find on the street.  The portions are more than adequate and the service is efficient and friendly.  Also, the location they have chosen gives you the choice of a fair number of seats and tables nearby

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.