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Dim Sum Victoria Seafood

Victoria Seafood follows on my recent revisit trend. After Yellow Dog Tavern, and Elephant & Castle, I thought I should go back and try their Dim Sum again.

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Dim Sum Baby Squid
The Baby Squid in Curry Sauce from my Dim Sum meal.

Victoria Seafood is located at St. Mary’s Road and Dakota. One thing I like about St. Mary’s Road restaurants is that they are one bus from work, and then another back home.

As I was visiting a restaurant with seafood in the name, I wanted to make sure I ordered at least one seafood dish. I started off with some Baby Squid in Curry Sauce. I also ordered: Steamed Beef Balls, Steamed BBQ Pork Buns, Steamed Rice with Fried Egg and Beef, and Steamed Rice with Spare Ribs.

Beef Balls
Steamed Beef Balls

The main reason I didn’t order more seafood dishes, is that I was trying to order the smaller sized dishes. Easier on the wallet and the weight.

Dim Sum Fried Egg and Beef on Rice
This is the Fried Egg and Beef on Rice. I didn’t get a picture of the Spare Ribs on Rice.

Of the Dim Sum dishes I ordered, the Baby Squid was my favourite. I’ve had calamari before, but this was my first time with Baby Squid. I found them a good chew, and I really enjoyed the curry sauce. A bit of heat to wake up the taste buds. 

My server asked me if I wanted both the Fried Egg and Beef with Steamed Rice along with the Spare Ribs with Steamed Rice. I said yes, but I definitely saw her point. The two dishes ended up adding quite a lot of rice to my meal. This meant I ended up with a really filling meal even though I only ordered five items.

As a topping to the rice, I prefer the Spare Ribs to the Egg and Beef. In part, because the egg was a little too cooked. It would be nice to have more of the yolk spill out so that it could be mixed into the rice on the bottom. 

Steamed Pork Buns
Steamed Pork Buns to round out the meal.

The Steamed Pork Buns are really enjoyable. They are like a sweet doughnut filled with a moist, sweet and savoury pork filling.

Tsingtao beer to go along with the dim sum
A Tsingtao beer makes a nice, light accompaniment to the Dim Sum

My beverage choice for the meal was a Tsingtao Beer. This is a light, crisp beer, that makes a good complement to a dim sum meal. 

In addition to making sure I wanted both the rice dishes, the service here was prompt and friendly. I really appreciated that the time between dishes arriving at the table was spread out quite nicely. 

I’d like to come back here for Dim Sum, when I can come with a group that would allow for a greater variety of dishes to be tried.  

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Original Victoria Seafood Dim Sum Post

I’ve written before of my deanery, and the priests (clericus) that I work with. Except for July and August, the clericus tries to get together every month. These  meetings are chances to find out what is happening in our lives. What is happening in our parishes. What is happening in the broader communities that we are a part of. I’ve found this to be a helpful and supportive practice as I’m still getting used to parish life.

Generally we meet at one of the parishes. Once a while, though, we head out to a restaurant. This month our meeting was a little later than most. This made scheduling it for a parish hard. Instead we decided to meet for Dim Sum at Victoria Seafood restaurant on St. Mary’s Road.

Victoria Seafood Green Tea, our Dim Sum beverage choice.
Green Tea at Victoria Seafood

Ambience wise Victoria Seafood doesn’t have a lot going for it. It looks like every other Chinese restaurant that existed in the 70’s and 80′. One thing it does have going for it is that it is a fairly spacious room. That means there are plenty of seating choices which give a degree of privacy even in an open room.

In the end there were four of us, but only three went for the Dim Sum. We tried nine different items between us. One reason for going with the Dim Sum is it’s also great value. Our whole order including a pot of green tea, came to under $32.00 including tax. It was definitely a protein heavy lunch, as there were only a few items on the Dim Sum list that contained more than desultory amounts of vegetables.

We tried three different Shrimp dumplings. The first was the plain Shrimp dumpling, along with a Shrimp and Mushroom dumpling and a Shrimp with Pea Pod Tips dumpling. I found the last of the three to be the most interesting. The fresh pea pod flavour providing a nice counterpoint to the shrimp. Although none of the shrimp were large, they were all well cooked, tender and juicy.

One of the trays of dumplings we enjoyed as part of our Victoria Seafood Dim Sum.

On our first order we had the Spring Roll, which we thought might contain some vegetables in with the other ingredients. Instead the filling was almost entirely pork. It was nicely seasoned and there was plenty of stuffing. The Pan Fried Meat Dumpling was more on the just okay side, as far as quality and flavour were concerned. The Vegetables in Bean Curd were a bit of a mixed bag. The vegetables were kind of chewy, but the bean curd wrapper was real crispy with a bit of sweetness in the flavour.

If I were to pick out star dishes for the day, the three that would stand out were: The Victoria Pork Dumpling. This one had flavour just bursting out of it. It also had the most visual appeal of the dishes we were served. Next would be the Steamed Beef Balls. These in fact were more like mini meatloaf pieces. If you like your meatloaf on the moist side, try the Steamed Beef Balls here. Finally, I really like the Fried & Steam Rice Noodles. These were tubular rolls of rice pastry, surround by rice noodles. The two forms gave a reverse take on the old “crispy on the outside, soft on the inside” approach to cooking.

Dim Summing Up:

This is the second time I’ve been to Victoria Seafood. The first time was over the supper hour and I order from the conventional menu. On the whole it was too bad, but I think if I was planning a return visit, I’d make sure that I went when the Dim Sum was available. The quality and creativity of the Dim Sum menu elevates it above the more conventional Chinese restaurant menu.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.