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DeliBrazil Cafe – Sargent Avenue

A few months ago, somebody posted in the Manitoba Food Bloggers group on Facebook, wondering if anyone had heard of a Brazilian restaurant opening up on Sargent Avenue. I hadn’t but I said I would look into it. I wandered down the street and discovered that there was a place called DeliBrazil Cafe that was opening up in the space once occupied by The Village Diner. This caught me a little by surprise, because I hadn’t heard about the The Village Diner closing.

DeliBrazil has since closed.

DeliBrazil savoury biscuits
On my first visit to DeliBrazil I picked up a package of savoury biscuits to take and eat on the go.

Shortly after DeliBrazil Cafe opened, I popped in for a quick stop. Along with meals available for dine in, they have an assortment of items to take with you. I wasn’t really looking for something sweet, but then I noticed that they had little bags of savoury cookies on the shelf. I diecided to pick up one of these along with a cup of coffee to go. The coffee was good and strong, and when I popped open the biscuits, they were light and buttery. with a good crispy bite.
The interior of the restaurant is still much the same as it was when Village Diner was there. The biggest different is that smaller dining area which shares the same side of the building as the order counter and the kitchen is neater in appearance than it was when it was Village Diner, with an attractive dessert case next to the cash register area. Ordering is done at the counter and then the food is brought to your table.
The left side of the room also features a TV where you are most likely to get Portuguese Futbol games and talk shows on the screen. I had hoped to see what the place was like during the World Cup, but Brazil had sadly been eliminated before I had the chance to get back.

DeliBrazil Saturday Special

The menu at DeliBrazil is limited. There are only 8-10 main dishes listed. One of the itmes I noticed when I went in the first time was that they had a special Saturday dish listed, and so for my second visit I came in on a Saturday afternoon to give it a try.

Deli Brazil Brazillian coffee
Deli Brazil offers the choice between regular and Brazillian Coffee. This is the Brazillian.

The Saturday Special consist of shredded beef, along with a serving of rice that contains a mixture of beans and sauasage. There was a small dish of salsa, and few strips of red and yellow, sweet pepper on the side. The beef was moist and tender, and the rice was well cooked with sausage and bean mixture giving it a great flavour. It was also a large portion, and would do really well for a main meal for the day.

Deli Brazil Saturday Special
The Saturday lunch special at Deli Brazil.

As I mentioned above, DeliBrazil features counter ordering. I’ve found each time I’ve been in that the service has been friendly and efficient. The food has arrived in good time, as well. Although, there have never been more than two or three other people in the restaurant when I’ve gone, so I don’t know what service would be like when it’s really busy.

Breakfast Stop

One reason that I’ve had a little trouble getting back to DeliBrazil since my first couple of business is that their hours are 10-6 Tuesday-Saturday, which means they tend only to be open hours when I’m at work. However, being on holidays right now, I thought it would be a good time to make another visit.

So, this morning, after starting my day with a morning coffee at Fools & Horses(10 am is far too late for the first coffee of the day), I headed back to Sargent to have breakfast at DeliBrazil.

DeliBrazil Breakfast
My breakfast. Eggs, cheese and bacon on a bun.

The breakfast as it appears on the menu is advertised as bacon, eggs, swiss cheese, a bun and seasonal jam. When I ordered it I was expecting something along the line of separate items on a plate. When it arrived it appeared to be a cross between that and an egg muffin. However, appearance isn’t everything.  The bacon was good and crispy, so it was easy enough to pick it off and eat it with my fingers(yes, that is proper etiquette for crispy bacon). I also took the eggs off and ate them with knife and fork, and then put jam on the buns and ate them as I would regularly eat toast.
The thing I liked best about this breakfast, aside from the bacon, which is always the best part of any dish, was the fact that the restaurant didn’t skimp on the cheese at all. The eggs were well cooked. The one thing I would have liked different was the bun to be more toasted. It was a little on the limp side as far as a cooked bun goes.

DeliBrazil treats
A couple of popular Brazillian chocolate bars are part of the selection of treats available at the DeliBrazil counter.

When I got to the counter to pay for my breakfast, I noticed that there was a selection of candies and cough drops available for sale. The two chocolate bars in the picture above are marketed in Brazil. The Chokito is compared to 100 Grand Bar on it’s Wikipedia page. The Prestigio to a Bounty.  I suppose there may be sentimental attachment to these products for Brazillians, but neither bar is one that I would go out of my way to buy.
Although it reminds what many of my friends who have lived in Great Britain say. Chocolate bars such as Crunchie, and Aero, though brand names we are familiar with in Canada, taste much better in their British version than they do in their Canadian version. So, perhaps it’s a matter of what I’m used to making the main difference. Still, it’s interesting to find out the kind of chocolate bars that are popular in other countries.
The one category that I haven’t tried at DeliBrazil is the desserts. There are a good variety of them, from bite sized snacks to full cakes. I think if for no other reason than to give the desserts a try, I will definitely be going back to DeliBrazil in the next few weeks and month.
Not surprisingly, DeliBrazil is run by people who are football mad. Early last summer I was walking by the location after Brazil had been eliminated quite early from the world cup. As I walked by, someone was leaving the restaurant with a large Flat Screen TV over their shoulder. It was pretty clear, that with Brazil out of the World Cup, there wasn’t that much interest in watching the rest of it.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.