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Deer + Almond Feat. Le Burger Week

As Le Burger Week is upon us, I decided to visit a couple of restaurants that needed a second visit. The first of these is Deer + Almond. The second is PegBeerCo, of which more another day. My main experience of Deer + Almond is through chef Mandel Hitzer’s involvement in Raw:Almond. A few months back I paid a visit over a lunch hour. I did the same this week taking in Le Burger Week special.

Sambar Deer and Spotted deer grazin...
Sambar Deer and Spotted deer grazing together #shorts

One of the things you often hear about Deer + Almond is that being a tapas restaurant, you don’t get much for what you pay. After two visits I would say that is definitely not true. My first visit I ordered on this assumption. I chose a slider, which I believe isn’t one the current menu, or may have been a special. I added an order of Borscht, show above, and then went with the French Fries with truffle oil, chives and manchego.

Deer + Almond Borscht
Fantastic Borscht from Deer + Almond

The order came to just over $20.00. However, there was almost more food than I could eat. Small plates are meant to be shared. I could easily share such a meal and still feel reasonably satisfied. Then there is the quality.

Deer + Almond Lunch

The French Fries rank as the best I’ve ever eaten. The truffle oil, chives and manchego mix together to make each bite new and satisfying. If there is one thing that didn’t stay with me as long that would be the slider. Pleasant but not particularly memorable. The Borscht was wonderful. A deep purple in colour with a focus on the beets rather than the cabbage.

Fries From Deer + Almond
Deer + Almond Fries

Deer + Almond: Le Burger Week

Looking through the list of Le Burger Week participants, I realized that I would only get to a couple of the 59 listed. As I had a service to conduct later Thursday afternoon, Deer + Almond seemed like a good choice. I arrived at 11:30 am hoping to beat the lunch rush. I did, but barely. By the time noon rolled around, the place was already 75% full.

Knowing that I wanted Le Burger Week special, I also got my order placed quickly. The burger is the Chopped Cheddar, and I went with the soup for a side. The soup is Pea Soup with Cappicola.

The burger comes on a mini sub style bun. The chopped steak is moist, and tender, not something I generally associate with a burger, but I really like it. There is clearly very little if any filler in this patty. There is plenty of cheddar melted over the patty, and the sauce is nice and tangy.

Le burger week Chopped Cheddar
Chopped Cheddar Burger week entry from Deer + Almond

A Real Scene Stealer

Here’s the thing though. Even though it’s Le Burger Week. Even though the Chopped Cheddar is the star. The Pea Soup side dish, stole the show. The soup itself is rich, thick and will warm you inside and out.

The Cappicola is cooked to a good, crunchy consistency. This sets off the creaminess of the soup very well. It’s the kind of soup that if I was able to get my hands on the pot, I would eat the entire pot at one go, no matter how many gallons.

Pea Soup,
Deer & Almond Pea Soup

Having a service to conduct that afternoon I chose an Americano to drink. A good, strong, bracing coffee beverage to keep me going.
Well done to Deer + Almond for their Chopped Cheddar burger. It made a great start to Le Burger Week. Plus, keep those soups a coming. They will bring me back time and time again.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.