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Deen’s Caribbean Restaurant & Patio

Being in a new area of town continues to introduce me to new dining opportunities.  There are several within about half a dozen blocks of St. Philip’s on Marion alone.  One of the more intriguing ones for me is Deen’s Caribbean Restaurant & Patio.  Having worked at Holy Trinity I’ve had the opportunity to sample some great homemade food from the Caribbean.  So, I was wondering how the food at Deen’s would stack up.

On the whole, I say it stacks up fairly well.  First time out I tried the Jerk Chicken.  The first thing I noticed is that when you place your order they bring you out a container of homemade hot sauce.  As I like my food spicy this sauce really appealed to me.  As hot sauces go, this is not for the faint of heart.  It doesn’t quite match up with the hottest I’ve enjoyed at Holy Trinity, but that still allows for it to be plenty hot.

Deen's hot sauce
Deen’s offers a hot sauce with a good bit of kick to it.

The Jerk Chicken is listed as a regular special on the menu.  They were also offering a special Festival Du Voyageur themed special both times I visited.  Although not on the menu, there is a sign posted on the door that they offer a pulled pork sandwich with fries for only $5.00.  That’s on my list to try on another visit.  The chicken was very flavourful, although there was a taste of cloves that was a little too much.  As well, while the chicken was cooked to the bone, I would have preferred it a little more cooked. The rice and peas were nicely done with a good serving of salad on the side.

The next time I went, I ordered the combo.  I had a boneless chicken roti with the beef curry.  The curry had a fine and fairly mild flavour, but like the chicken, I thought the beef could have been a little more tender.  My roti was well made with a good filing of potato, chicken and chickpeas.  I ended up eating mine with knife and fork as the contents spilled out of the somewhat thin roti shell.  Although this made the roti a little tricky to eat, I liked that the shell was on the thinner side, as there was no doughy flavour to overwhelm the filling.

I added a bottle of Solo Ginger Beer to my meal.  This is a rather tame example of ginger beer, but it was more refreshing for being so.

Final Thoughts on Deen’s Caribbean Restaurant & Patio

From a decor standpoint, this is not on the high end of things.  Also, there was a slight leak in the ceiling the second time I was there.  Nonetheless, it’s a comfortable place.  I found the service to be relaxed, but friendly and attentive.  This approach seemed to be the same with all the diners who entered.  Deen’s Caribbean Restaurant & Patio is definitely getting future business from me.  Particularly once the patio is opened.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.