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Decadence Chocolates

Over the last few months as I’ve headed down Sherbrook, I’ve noticed signage for a new chocolate shop called Decadence Chocolates. Finally, in the last month or so, Decadence Chocolates opened. The first thing I noticed when I stepped in was the brightness of the location. The woods are light coloured and the walls are white, with the production area on one wall, and several tables along the other. With the production area located in the open it also allows you to watch the chocolates being made while placing and waiting for your order.
Decadence Ginger Bar

The Ginger chocolate Bar

Decadence is owned and operated by Helen Staines. Originally from Yorkshire she moved to Canada in 2001 and started on creating Decadence in 2015. The shop is clearly a labour of love, and a channeling of Staines’s love for all things chocolate.

Decadence Chocolates on the Go

My first visit to the shop was a few days after it opened. The shop is featuring ice cream and chocolate beverages now, but on my first visit it was just the chocolates themselves that I got a hold of. That was still a good thing. I bought a container of the chocolate and chili covered hazelnuts. The chocolate, chili, and hazelnuts were well balanced in their flavour. I also tried a ginger chocolate bar where the chocolate was rich and smooth and the ginger giving it a nice little bite.Decadence Toffee Bar
The next time I encountered Decadence Chocolates what at the LoveLocalmb event in March(btw you should put this event on your list). They were sampling individual chocolates as well as having bars and boxes for sale. I picked up the toffee bar. It was wonderful. I am a fan of Crunchie bars, and this bar takes the flavour of that bar and refines it, taking it to a whole new level of chocolatey pleasure.

Hot Chocolate and Cookies

This past weekend I finally got a chance to go in and try a beverage and a baked good. I ordered the hot chocolate and a chocolate chip cookie. The cookie was great tasting and could probably go under the name of cookie chip chocolate, there was so much chocolate in it. I really like the hot chocolate. It came to my table with whipped cream on it. and a bowl with sugar to add as I like. So, I tried a few sips without any sugar. The chocolate was strong and had some of the bitter taste one associates with raw chocolate. Not everyone enjoys bitter, but I like the idea that you can get a hot chocolate in it’s most basic form and then sweeten as you like. I added one package of sugar, and the hot chocolate really hit the spot.

Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate from Decadence Chocolates


chocolate chip Cookie
A chocolate chip filled cookie to go with my hot chocolate.

As time goes on I figure I’ll be making more visits to Decadence Chocolates. Especially as summer comes along and I want to try their ice creams as well.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.