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Dairi Wip – Marion Street

While I’ve wandered a fair ways down Marion Street, I’ve never stopped at Dairi Wip Drive-In. Part of this is due to the fact that my St. Philip’s office is just a couple of blocks away from Mrs. Mike’s, whose King Burger I really like. In part it’s because I hadn’t really noticed the seating on the side. A few weeks ago, just before we went into a bit of early spring chill here in Winnipeg, I finally ventured down to Dairi Wip.

Al Fresco Dining at Dairi Wip

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My first trip to Dairi Wip, I wasn’t quite sure what kind of burger I wanted to order. When I saw the “Burger in a Bowl” advertised, I was intrigued. Sure enough it was exactly as advertised. All the ingredients of a burger served in a bowl. This meant it was a lot less messy to eat, and that there was also a large amount of chili as part of the burger. The burger comes with a large well-seasoned and well-cooked patty.

Dairi Wip burger in a bowl.
The Dairi Wip Burger in a bowl. All the sloppiness of a good burger with less spillage on one’s close. Not that I ever do that.

The chili is reasonably spicy. I added an order of fries and gravy to the burger. The fries were good and crispy and held there texture well even being covered in a sea of gravy. The one thing I found with both the gravy and the chili was that it was saltier than I prefer (though I’m not a big salt fan).

Dairi Wip chocolate cone.
Chocolate covered ice cream cone. Good for a warm summer day.

The portion sizes were quite substantial. Even so, I was having a later lunch, so I added a chocolate dipped ice cream cone to finish off my meal. The chocolate was thick and covered the ice cream completely,
A lot of people order their food and sit in their vehicles to eat. I chose to sit at the tables just on the side of the building. They’re a little exposed in windy weather, but not bad.
When I went back a few days later, I figured I would try something outside the hamburger choices. Dairi Wip offers fish and chips and so I ordered that. I sorted of regretted it after watching my order taker go to the freezer and take out a couple of frozen fish pieces that clearly looked mass produced.

Dairi Wip Fish and chips
The Dairi Wip fish and chips.

The fish was indeed as disappointing as it appeared. On the plus side there was an enormous portion of fries with fish. They also threw in tartar sauce and vinegar. So some fries I dipped in the tartar sauce and some I covered with vinegar, adding some variety to the lunch.
I added a milkshake to this meal. It was reasonably thick, but I went with the blueberry flavour and there wasn’t much of it.
A couple of other things to note. The service here is really good. Friendly, quick, and efficient. It is also cash only. On the whole I enjoyed my meals from Dairi Wip., but with Mrs. Mike’s as close to work as it is, I’m not sure how often I’ll make the trip.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.