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Daanook Syrian Restaurant is one I’ve been hearing about quite a bit lately. The family that owns it have been getting a fair bit of coverage in the local press.  When I finally got around to looking Daanook restaurant up, I discovered they were located in the space that once belonged to Vicky’s.

Daanook Shawarma Platter
A tasty, well-seasoned, and hearty Shawarma Platter from Daanook.

Daanook Takeout

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The first time I placed an order. I opted for takeout. The restaurant is only a few blocks from Holy Trinity, so it made for an easy pickup trip at lunch. When I looked at the menu I decided on the traditional Syrian items.

A bowl of fresh Tabouleh.

The Shawarma platter comes with a choice of salad, along with either chips or rice, and garlic sauce. For the platter I chose Coleslaw as my salad, but I added an order of Tabouleh on top of the salad. I saw that for dessert that they offered Pistachio Baklawa, so I added a piece of that as well.

I forgot to specify rice of fries when I placed my order, so there was a brief wait when I arrived at the restaurant, while they finished compiling my entree. 

Arriving back at the office, I dig into the meal. All parts of it are absolutely delicious. The beef in the shawarma is fork tender, and melts in the mouth. The coleslaw is creamy and the addition of a few pomegranate seeds adds a nice, zesty burst to the dish.

Daanook Baklawa
The Syrian Baklawa features Pistachios and is crunchier than any version I have tried.

When I saw that the Daanook Baklawa was $3.50 a slice I was not too sure I wanted to order it. I have had too many experiences, where the piece did not justify the price. Not here though. This is a large piece of pastry, and it is filled with Pistachios, making it a sweet and crunchy delight. This piece is large enough for two.

Mainly North American Lunch

The Syrian dishes are so good, that I was tempted to order them again for my second meal. Instead, since Daanook offers burgers, I thought I would give one of them a try.

Daanook Burger
A Tasty, filling, and beefy burger.

While I ordered a burger and fries as my main item, I also added an order of Kibbeh. Kibbeh is something I tried first at the Best Meal food truck. I also added a Fattoush Salad. The Fattoush Salad is fairly similar to a garden salad, with the addition of fried pita bread

My only quibble with this order is in the delivery. It took the driver twenty minutes from pickup to the time I received it. This distance being only a few blocks. That is why the lettuce on the burger looks a little wilted. 

Despite that, the burger on the whole is very good. There is a substantial patty. It is good and beefy and like any good burger fills up the entirety of the surface of the bun. This is the kind of burger that once I start eating, I will not put down until it is all gone.

The Kibbeh is also really enjoyable. A nice crisp coating, filled with a warm, and well-seasoned interior. 

Portion wise, the burger, the fries, and the salad are all quite generous. Daanook is a restaurant that will not have you wanting for more at the end of your meal. 

Summing Up

Daanook should be on your list of restaurants to order from. For me it ranks right up there with Baraka Pita when it comes to Shawarma. When festival season rolls around, hoping we can hold them, I imagine there will be long lines outside of Daanook, every day. 

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