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Copper Chimney – 305 Madison Street

Today’s post is an update on Copper Chimney, 305 Madison Street. Copper Chimney was originally located on St. Mary’s Road, but in the last few years has moved over into the Polo Park area.

Copper Chimney Lamb Vindaloo
The bowl of Lamb Vindaloo was loaded with plenty of Lamb, and not too much sauce or potato.

I’m on vacation, and using the time off on trying to get Dining with Donald updated, and maybe get a few extra posts in the pot before vacation is over. I’m working on a plan to do this, but every so often something just pops up.

My visit to Copper Chimney was one of those things. I was walking in the Polo Park area. I was going to finally pay a visit to Ye’s buffet, but there lunch service was about to close down, so I remember that Copper Chimney was now in the area, and decided to stop in there instead.

Copper Chimney is now located in a large, open building. There are lots of windows most of which face Ness Avenue. Inside there are two dining areas. One is very spacious with room for about 100-120 diners. The other is a smaller room at the back of the restaurant that looks like it might seat a private party of 40-50.

The biggest difference between the St. Mary’s Rd and Madison Ave locations is that the new location on Madison does not feature a buffet. This is a bit of a disappointment, but the the Copper Chimney has a large menu that features a wide range of East Indian and Hakka dishes. 

crispy pappadams
A good-sized order of Pappadams.

I arrived at around 3 pm. Other than a muffin, I had not really eaten anything before my meal.  The menu at Copper Chimney is quite sizeable. There is a large vegetarian list, as well as plenty of dishes to satisfy meat lovers. I ordered Pappadams, Lamb Vindaloo, Garlic Naan, and a Mango Mule for my beverage.

The container of Pappadams I received was surprisingly large. There were a half-a-dozen whole Pappadams in the container. Given that they are often served as half pieces at buffets is quite a bit for only $2.95. They were crispy, flavourful, and not overcooked at all.

Rice for the vindaloo.
The rice comes as part of the vindaloo dish at Copper Chimney.

As I am writing this I’m looking back on my original review of Copper Chimney. I note that I stated there, that the Chicken Vindaloo, was not particularly spicy. This time around I ordered the Lamb Vindaloo. Very good. Plenty of tasty, tender lamb, but even though I asked for spicy, it was only medium-spicy. Still, a very good dish.

Garlic Naan from Copper Chimney
An order of Garlic Naan to round out my Copper Chimney meal.

Mango Mule
The Mango Mule.

The new location of Copper Chimney has a large drinks menu. Perhaps the old one did as well, but I don’t remember that being the case.

Normally, at an Indian restaurant I would order a Mango Lassi. Here, they were offering a Mango Mule under the non-alcoholic cocktail choices. I ordered that instead. I quite enjoyed it, although I would like to taste the Ginger Ale a little bit more. 

Service was very good. My food arrived promptly. The staff were friendly and able to answer any questions I had. The Copper Chimney is definitely a place I could visit again when up in the Polo Park Area. 

Original Copper Chimney Review

The other day I head down St. Mary’s Road to visit The Crusty Bun. I wasn’t paying attention to the time and showed up during the noon hours. There was a very long line, so I decided I would return at a better time and date. Instead I went out the door and walked a couple of blocks south to Copper Chimney. I enjoy Indian food, and thought I might as well give this place a try.

I believe, although I might be mistaken, that the Copper Chimney used to  be a Taco Bell, or some fast food place. The conversion to an Indian restaurant is certainly an upgrade from those days. They’ve also upgraded the furnishing so that it’s a comfortable place to dine.


My first time in the place I decided I would give the buffet a try. There lunch time buffet is of the smaller variety. In terms of the number of dishes it reminded me of Dhoom, on Donald.

I tried a good portion of the buffet. The standout item for my liking was the mixed vegetables, seen at the top of the second picture. I found the Tandoori Chicken to be moist, and enjoyed the Butter Chicken where the sauce was a little less creamy and cloying than some I have tried.

One of the interesting choices on the buffet was the Samosas which were mini-sized. I liked the fact that you were able to enjoy them without them filling you up to much. The Gulab Janum I had as part of my dessert were pleasant, but there wasn’t enough syrup available to enjoy them completely.

Copper Chimney Entree:

When I returned to Copper Chimney, I decided that I would make my choices of the menu rather than go back to the buffet. I decided to order the full-sized samosa, along with the Chicken Vindaloo.

This time around I passed on the Naan bread. I found it really enjoyable, but knew that this meal would give me all the food I could handle. The Samosas were quite large and well-filled, but at  2 for $4.00 seemed a little overpriced. On the plus side, the green spicy sauce that they were served up with more than lived up to

expectations on the spice front.  The Chicken Vindaloo had a rich sauce, with a lot of flavour, but for an item advertised with a spice alert it fell a little short. The Cucumber Raita wasn’t necessary as a heat reducer, but I really enjoyed the flavour. I also liked the additions of pepper and carrot shavings to the rice.

Service was friendly and attentive on both visits. The buffet is obviously a quick choice when you visit, but the menu service was also reasonably fast. Copper Chimney is a worthwhile stop if you’re traveling down St. Mary’s.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.