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Mobile Hospitality – Common Eating

Mobile hospitality is another take on what we think about when we talk about hospitality.  When I first wrote about mobile hospitality, I was thinking about how we can be hospitable, when we find ourselves, as Christians, in a public setting. Then, Covid-19 hit. Over the last two years, I’ve been thinking more about: How can we take food with us, and offer hospitality to those who don’t have much to eat.  First of all, I don’t think that practicing…Continue readingMobile Hospitality – Common Eating

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Affair of the Sausages – 500th Anniversary

Now, I’m sure when you read Affair of the Sausages, many ideas likely jump into your mind. However, you can put all of those to one side. Although this had a very sensual element to it, it doesn’t deal with sex. The Affair of the Sausages traditionally marks the beginning of the Swiss Reformation in 1522. You can read a potted version of the story here. The Affair of the Sausages: Hidden History Five years ago marked the 500th anniversary…Continue readingAffair of the Sausages – 500th Anniversary

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January 23rd Sermon – Sharing the Feast

Sermon for January 23rd, the Third Sunday in Epiphanytide You can find other sermons under this heading. Reading through the lectionary for today, January 23rd, I was struck by the Nehemiah reading. How, after the reading of the law left the people mourning and weeping, Nehemiah and Ezra commanded the people to go home and to celebrate with the feast. Not only to celebrate with feasting, but to make sure that everyone who had not prepared for the feast was…Continue readingJanuary 23rd Sermon – Sharing the Feast

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Fundraiser Dinner at St. Thomas Anglican

As I’ve written before, my work as a priest has a large food element to it. One thing that goes along with any kind of food outreach ministry, is fundraising. Fundraising can be a challenging activity and I like to get involved with a fundraiser that supports other organizations. That’s one of the reasons I like to promote Fall Suppers. Let’s hope they return this fall. Yesterday, St. Thomas Anglican Church, in the Weston neighbourhood of Winnipeg, held their fundraiser…Continue readingFundraiser Dinner at St. Thomas Anglican

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Common Eating – The Eucharist

Since I last updated this post on the Eucharist, I’ve discovered that Google likes posts that are at least 1,200 words in length. As a result I’m going through a lot of my old posts to see if I can find ways to reach that baseline number. Some of them have been quite easy as they were already over a 1,000 words. Some, like this one, will take a fair bit more work if I hope to reach the goal.…Continue readingCommon Eating – The Eucharist

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Common Eating – Old and New Testament

This is another one of the sections that I’ve been giving a great deal of thought as to how I would like to present it.  In the regular type face sections below you will see that while I put some emphasis on the stories of the Old and New Testament, there was not necessarily a lot of emphasis there originally. There are definitely a lot of changes to this post, and I think, that as I continue to develop this…Continue readingCommon Eating – Old and New Testament