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Churro Stop, Sweet Stop

Churro Stop stop sign
The stop sign on the side of the Churro Stop truck

As Winnipeg’s food truck scene continues to evolve, one area that is still a little under represented is the dessert area. There are a couple of ice cream trucks, and of course the ice cream bikes. However, other than Tokyo Rabbit, and these ice cream vendors, dessert is still a little hard to find. The entrance of The Churro Stop into the field helps to change this, and in the frozen treat area, Pop Cart sounds like they wish to raise the bar in treats on a stick.
I wasn’t particularly familiar with churros when I made my first visit to the Churro Stop truck. Fortunately they provide information on the side of the truck for the culinary challenged like me. What I did learn, as I did some reading around is that Churros are popular across South America in particular. Also they seem to be more of a crispy treat than the doughnuts of North America.

Churro stop bavarian creme.
A couple of the Bavarian Creme Churros
Churros & milk tea by StopOver ...
Churros & milk tea by StopOver at Bugallon Street | Michael's Hut

Sometimes, when I try a new food, it doesn’t necessarily come across as I expect it to. That’s why I like to check around and find out whether that’s a lack of knowledge on my part or if the dish varies a lot from the tradition. Varying from tradition isn’t always a bad thing, but I like to know if that’s the case. With the Churro Stop Churros it was my understanding that needed correcting.
The Churro Stop has generally been at the Forks, but they have also been out of Broadway.


The Churro Stop has two prices. 5 plain for $5.00 or 3 filled for $5.00. They are reasonably sized, and adequately filled. This makes for a good meal topper, or a mid-morning coffee snack. Drinks are available for $1.50. 4/5

Churro Stop Selection:

Selection is still somewhat a work in progress. So far, they have the plain, and two filled churros, Bavarian Creme and dolce Du leche. They are also working on a chocolate dip that they hope to have on the menu in the next few days. 4/5


I liked the crunchiness of the churros, and they have been golden brown on the outside. I’m not generally a fan of Bavarian Creme, but Churro Stop has created a really good one. It is smooth and sweet without being cloying and thick like so many doughnut shop ones are. The dulce De leche has a nice caramel texture and taste and again manages to be sweet without overwhelming the taste of the Churro. 4.5/5


The churros come in paper bags which are up to the job of holding them. The first time I went I ordered a double order and they gave me a larger paper bag to place them in. 4.5/5


The owner of The Churro Stop is very friendly and engaging. He’s working hard to get people interested in his product. Everytime I’ve been the service has been quick as well as friendly 5/5

The Churro Stop Overall:

This is a truck that does one thing. As it is still only the first week out, you can expect the odd glitch along the way. However, I think long term this will be a truck that does one thing, and does it extremely well. 4.5/5

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.