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Christ the King – Fall Supper

Last night I made it out to Christ the King Catholic Church for my first fall supper of the year. It was part of a big food day, as my lunch for the day involved taking part in our Fall BBQ at St. Philip’s. With various bits of running around and visiting I didn’t really get any photos of the BBQ. My only picture is of the marinating vegetable that I used in the pasta salad, which was my contribution to the potluck part of the BBQ.

Fall BBQ salad
These are the vegetables I used in my pasta salad. I marinated them over night before adding them to the salad.

While I didn’t get any pictures, I assure you that there was plenty of food to go around. Hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, cheese, pickles, chips, and a variety of desserts. Plus a selection of coffee, tea, and soft drinks. All your BBQ needs. With all the rain we ate our food indoors, but a special thanks should go to the St. Philip’s People’s Warden David Cain who tended the grill in the rain so that we could all eat in the dry.
Once the BBQ and the clean up was done, I got to rest for a couple of hours for heading out to the fall supper at Christ the King. This past weekend was a really busy one for fall suppers, so choosing was a little difficult.

Christ the King pie table.
A selection from the pie table at the Christ the King fall supper.

I had two reasons for going with the one at Christ the King. The first was that it is quite close to St. Philip’s just being a little ways down St. Mary’s Rd. The second was a little more personal and goes back to my time preparing for the priesthood.*

*You can skip down toward the bottom if you only want the dinner recap.

When I started the study portion of my priesthood journey, I left the job I had been working at for fourteen years. Trying to find work that would fit in well with both studies and placements in different parishes, I ended up doing a couple of years of temp labour. While it was convenient, there wasn’t much pleasant about temp labour. Particularly because in almost every situation you are an outsider. Sometimes that’s not too bad, because there are several other temp workers, and you at least have each other to talk, and or eat lunch with.
However, one of my last places was with a company out in the St. Boniface Industrial Park. The company experience wasn’t any better than any of the others but my co-workers were far more welcoming than any other place I worked.  A couple of things stood out. One was a guy, Bob, who I had a few conversations about faith with. Bob, was a parishioner at Christ the King and his conversation was one of the things that stood out to me over the years. This was the other reason I chose Christ the King, I wondered if I might run into Bob again.
The other thing that stood out about my time on that job was food related. The company had a policy of buying doughnuts for the staff on their birthday. I was offered a doughnut very early, on one of these birthdays. As it turned out, my birthday also occurred during my time working there. It was quite clear though, that such a routine didn’t extend to temp workers. However, on my birthday, Tracy(sp), one of the floor staff went out and picked up a dozen doughnuts and brought them in. this was the most welcoming act I experienced in the whole time I worked temp labour and it has stuck with me until today.

Christ the King Supper

I managed to stay reasonably dry as I waited for the bus to take me up to Christ the King. Once I got there I found things well organized outside the gym as there was one line for picking up/buying tickets and another for handing tickets in. I was relatively early which was a good thing as several table were reserved and I had to roam a bit to find a seat. I ended up at the far end of the gym.
As I was wandering about I ran into Jayne Taylor Drul. I know Jayne from Holy Trinity Anglican and from working with her at L.C. Taylor. Jayne was there with the 99th Winnipeg Guide Troupe, which she helps lead. The guides were there helping with serving the dinner and doing clean up. We’ve had similar help from the 153rd unit who meet at St. Philip’s and have always been more than willing to help out.
After saving a spot I wandered about taking pictures of the pie table, etc. One of the things I noticed was that Christ the King was well prepared in the coffee area. There was not one but two 100 cup urns, place in different areas of the gym. After walking around a little bit more I went and took my seat, waiting for the call to line up.

Christ the King Coffee Urns.
There were two of these set up, meaning the coffee was flowing all evening long.

It turned out that I had chosen the perfect spot, as my table was not only, the first to be called, but was situated right where the plate collection line started. There were two lines, and while I was at the front, I also got to watch the lines move, and they moved pretty quickly.
the dinner at Christ the King is a typical Turkey dinner, Manitoba style. They go with scalloped potatoes rather than mashed, but that is quite alright. The turkey also came with mixed vegetables, meatball, perogies, coleslaw, gravy, cranberry sauce, and bun. I tried it all with the exception of the cranberry sauce. Everything was well prepared with the meatballs being good and meaty without being fatty.

Christ the King Turkey
The fall supper Turkey plate from Christ the King. The coleslaw was in a little container on the side the picture didn’t turn out very well so it’s not here.


One of the things I liked about the Christ the King fall supper was that there were a few other choices for dessert besides pie. I ended up choosing a sno-ball type pastry. If was pleasant and a nice, light finish to the meal. This was quite enjoyable after all the eating I had done during the day.

Christ the King non-pie
A selection of a few of the non-pie type desserts at the Christ the King fall supper
Christ the King, my dessert
My dessert.

So, as I ate, I kept an eye on the people going through the line, and sure enough after a while my co-worker for a brief time, Bob came on through. I called to him and we had a brief bit of time catching up on our time at the same workplace. He also pointed out Wayne, another gentleman, Wayne, who had also worked at the company at the same time.
I went over and introduced myself to Wayne. It turns out Wayne’s wife Donna is the parish administrator at Christ the King and the person who had sold me my ticket for the dinner. I also had a brief catch with a couple of my table mates who were long time parishioners of Christ the King.
When I arrived, I had also looked for the priest. I was told he was only part-time, and he had been there at the first sitting. Their priest is Father Peter Genger who comes from Nigeria. He ended up arriving at the end of the second sitting. Yesterday was his birthday, and he was serenaded with Happy Birthday, and with a cake.  I took the chance to introduce myself, because it’s always good to make connections with other priests and ministers, especially those who are in the same area as St. Philip’s.
There were a couple of other people who I noticed as they went through the line. One was “Dancing Gabe” Langlois, but I didn’t get a chance to say hi. The other was the former caretaker of the apartment I lived in for many years. I almost walked out at the end, but then remembered to go back and say hello to her.
All and all the fall supper was a very satisfying  evening. The gym holds a lot of people, but if you think about going next year, order in advance to make sure you get a place, because it was quite full this year.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.