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Chosabi Asian Eatery, IRL

Last Thursday, I attended an event at Chosabi Asian Eatery that was fundraising for the Health Sciences Centre foundation. You might recognize the letters at the end of the title, as standing for In Real Life. One of the elements of social media that has been missing from my life for the last little while has been the meeting in real life of people I’m connected to on the web. One of the surprising discoveries when I first got on the social bandwagon several years ago was how being online helped me to connect better with people when I was offline.

Chosabi soy sauce dispenser
The soy sauce comes in it’s own Chosabi branded dispenser
Eat Out or in, Cost, Health Benefit...
Eat Out or in, Cost, Health Benefits - Episode 004

This time around, Lisa Webinger, who I know as @msbehaviour on Twitter, had arranged a two day promotion with Chosabi, where $1.00 from every Chosabi Sushi Burrito purchased would be donated by the restaurant to the HSC Foundation. The special was running Thursday and Friday, and Lisa would be there Thursday at dinner time.
When I got there it turned out there was also someone else who I knew through the web. Cory Boehm has long been a reader and commenter on Dining with Donald, usually through the Manitoba Food Bloggers group. Cory was there with his wife Angie, and while we talked I learned a little bit more about an event at the Centro Caboto, of which I’ll be writing in a day or two. I also got to briefly meet Robert Young, another Twitter connection.

Chosabi water station
There’s a real good water station at Chosabi. Never a worry about not getting a refill.

Chosabi Burritos

By now, you’re probably thinking, this is Dining with Donald, when are you going to talk about the food. That starts now. Over a couple of visits, I tried both the titular Chosabi burrito and the King Street Chicken. Both of these were delicious. The best part is that the central items, in the case of the Chosabi, the salmon and the Chicken in the King Street Chicken were very good. Lisa described the Chosabi as her favourite. What she really liked about it was that she got the same consistency every time. You could describe it as fast food consistency with fresh food quality. I found the salmon to be fresh and the chicken to be crispy outside and moist inside.
Each of the burritos is somewhat like a giant sushi roll. The seaweed wrappings are stuffed to bursting, with a combination of Japanese and Mexican inspired ingredients. Each one makes for a filling meal.

Chosabi offers sushi burritos, with seaweed in place of flatbread.
The Chosabi Burrito with the wrapper removed.


Chosabi Chicken Burrito
Cross section of the Chosabi Chicken Burrito.

Along with the burritos I also had the Wakame Salad. This seaweed salad is one of my favourite Japanese dishes. This one had plenty of chewy seaweed and lots of carrot strips on top.

Chosabi Wakame salad
A Wakame salad from Chosabi.

Odds and ends

Another thing I really liked about Chosabi was that they have a real wide selection of drinks. In addition to the usual pop selections they carry Jones Sodas, San Pellegrino, Kumbotcha, and a couple of others. Along with beer, wine, coffee, and tea you should find something to drink for almost every mood that you’re in.

Chosabi offers Jones Soda among their drink offerings.
A Jones Strawberry-Lime soda

The Thursday night, because of the special, the traffic was fairly heavy, but the staff works quickly and the orders were processed quickly.
Overall, dinner at Chosabi made for a great opportunity to connect with some people that I had only talked to in internet land. Like their almost next door neighbours King + Bannatyne, Chosabi features a long table that suitable for large groups or, if your so inclined, the opportunity to meet new people, which is the best way to enjoy food.

By Donald McKenzie

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